Change title bar of Yahoo Messenger!

Hey guys now you can change the Yahoo Messenger’s title bar which this little tweak.

Note: Before trying this tricks make sure to close all instances (windows) of yahoo messenger.
Just follow these steps:

yahoo 1. Open you yahoo messenger installation folder ( Generally C:\Program\Files\Yahoo!\Messenger).
2. Then search a file named “ymsgr”. Double click to open it. If it doesn’t open, then use notepad to open this file.
3. In this file just go to the end and paste the following code in a new line:
As you can guess, you can replace the word Cool Wizard with any text of your choice. You can have your own name being placed in yahoo messenger title bar.

Now open your yahoo messenger and see the change. 🙂


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July 7, 2008 by: Prasanth Chandra


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