Taboo – Restore Closed Tabs and Saved Sessions of Firefox

Closing the Firefox browser window closes the tabs, and they do not re-open the next time you start Firefox. So do you find yourself bookmarking pages only so you can browse to them again the next day? If you do, you need Taboo. This Firefox extension restores the browser to exactly where you last left it.

taboo - open closed tabs firefox session saver

Taboo lets you save a page with tabs so that you can see it later. It takes a snapshot of the web page, including session state information. You can restore or reload the tabs by searching/browsing through all your saved tabs. A single click will take you back to the same place in the article. Even it saves the session information like how far you’ve scrolled on the page etc. You can easily search for tabs as you will have a a larger screenshot of the page help you find the tab you are looking for.

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June 18, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra

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