Reconstruct your Deleted Bookmarks/Most Frequently visited websites Folder in Firefox

Your favorite sites are quickly accessible through your "Most frequently visited" folder on the Bookmarks toolbar.  However, you accidentally deleted or overwrote these bookmarks while backing up your computer.There is unfortunately no menu option to undelete the folder. This is because your bookmark library is actually a small database and you have to define a database query for that.

  • Right-click on the bookmark symbol bar and select ‘New bookmark’ in the context command.
  • Enter ‘Most frequently visited websites’ as the “Name”.
  • The query you have to enter in the “Address” field is important.
  • There, type “place:queryType=0&sort 8&maxResults=20” for instance.
  • Confirm the dialog by clicking “Add".

The individual parameters work as follows: you state that the results must be pulled from the browser history with “queryType=0”; sort them in decreasing order of visit frequency with “sort=8”; and limit the number of displayed results with “maxResults=20”.


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