How to Create / Generate Missing Favicons for Websites Automatically

Favicons are the best way to identify or find the website / blog you are searching for from a huge list of bookmarks. But for those websites which do not have any separate Favicon, here is a simple way to create or generate missing favicons for websites automatically. Previously we discussed about Favicon Generator – Create or Edit your own Favicon

You can create icons yourself for websites without separate Favicons. However, you need a suitable image file and a browser add-on for that, using which the Favicons can be edited individually. If you cannot decide on one particular picture, you can deal with this task automatically with the free add-on, ‘IdentFavIcon’.

This tool generates unique kaleidoscopic Favicons for the domain using the IP address of the respective site; these simplify the process of re-finding the websites. This tool does not have a configuration site for separate settings. It performs its tasks automatically, as soon as you open a website without a Favicon.

All the generated Favicons are stored in the ‘bookmarks.html’ bookmark file like specified by the conventional websites. The ‘Reload Page Favicon’ context command is available for updating so that you can replace the generated picture, if required, by the newly created Favicon, which the site had created in meanwhile, on a reworked website.

Note: The future versions of this add-on may not have these many steps as the programmer of the tool is planning a single-click function in the next version, which is said to carry out all the steps in one go.

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July 20, 2010 by: Prasanth Chandra

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