Firefox Tips and Tricks

Mozilla is the world’s most favourite browser. I love firefox and will suggest anyone who are not using it to switch over to it. Here are some interesting tips and tricks in firefox which will lessen your work and will enhance your browsing experience

# To quickly find any word in a web page type /word – it will highlight the word and press Ctrl+G to find that word again

# If you wish to remove an item from your Address Bar Drop down menu, highlight it without clicking and press Shift+Delete.

# Clear your Download history to make the download manager more responsive : Tools | Options | Privacy

# Type about:cache?device=disk in your address bar to view/save items that you have in your Firefox disk cache

# Type about:cache?device=memory in your address bar to view/save items that you have in your Firefox memory cache

# Drag any link to the Download Manager Window to add & download the link.

# If you accidentally delete a bookmark and want to recover it, open the “Bookmarks Manager” and use Ctrl+Z, or Edit | Undo.

# Double Clicking empty space on the Tab Bar will open a ‘New Tab’

# Holding down the Ctrl key when you right click to “View Image” or “View Background Image” will open the image in a New Tab or New Window.

# A bookmarks folder’s position can also be dragged & dropped but you must hold down the SHIFT key while Dragging.

# To prevent a website from replacing/changing your right click context menu go to Tools > Options > Web Features then click the “advanced tab” and de-select “remove or replace context menus”. Inf Firefox 2 and above go to Tools>Options> content>Advanced

# You can work offline in Firefox just go to File > Work Offline. This means that you can browse your previously visited pages even when you’re offline this is a really cool feature but not many people who use it.

# You can bookmark the current page by dragging the icon from the location bar to your Bookmarks folder. You can also drag it to the desktop to make an icon for that page.

# To stop animated gifs from moving, press the ESC key.

I will find more tips and will post more things.. Till then happy surfing..!!

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December 15, 2007 by: Prasanth Chandra


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