Firefox Caret Browsing – Select Text from Webpage using Keyboard

There may be situations when we may need to select text from a webpage in Firefox browser but it’s tedious to keep reaching for the mouse. So here’s how to select text from a web page without taking your hands off the keyboard. This can be done by using only the keyboard and is called Caret Browsing which displays a Cursor in the webpage you are browsing.

caret browing in firefox

The process is extremely simple yet very useful in difficult times, especially when the mouse fails to function well enough.

  • Open a page containing the text that you wish to select.
  • Press [F7]. This enables Caret Browsing.
  • In the dialog box that appears asking you whether or not you want to activate ‘Caret Browsing’, press ‘Yes’ to proceed.
  • A blinking cursor will appear on your Web page. You can move the cursor around your page by using the arrow keys. To select certain text, simply keep the [Shift] key pressed and move your arrow keys in the direction of the text that you wish to select.
  • When the focus of your cursor comes upon a hyperlink, it selects it so that you can visit the link by simply pressing [Enter].

Caret browsing is one of the best features added by Mozilla to the Firefox browser. Try it and discover the useful functionality of this special feature.


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