Create WordPress Themes / Websites – Convert Photoshop ( PSD ) to HTML with Divine

Divine is a wonderful tool used to create wordpress themes or websites using Photoshop (PSD) design files. This free application will be used to create HTML + CSS code from PSD files.  This makes life easier for designers and you can convert PSD to HTML code in simple steps. It can be downloaded and used directly from Photoshop software as an extension or add-on.

This is used to translates the effects, brushes and filters and everything involved in a PSD file into HTML code.It can be used to create websites from Photoshop to WordPress instantly. You need to give your email ID to receive the link to download Divine.

How to Convert any Photoshop Design File ( PSD ) to a WordPress theme

  • First, Open your design in Photoshop and start Divine
  • Pick and Assign all WordPress elements like author link, title, content, hyperlink, comments etc in order selecting from the PSD file.

create wordpress themes from PSD files

  • Configure the FTP parameters and upload your created theme to the web.
  • That is it and you are done.

It is very simple to create WordPress themes from PSD files using Divine. It is recommended as it is free and can be used to create SEO friendly, Table less coded, Load optimized, W3C valid wordpress themes in minutes with only minimal knowledge about web designing. If you got any questions or ideas, you can visit their forums for more information.


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