What is your site or blog built with

A website or a weblog is built with the help of many softwares using different technologies. Ever wondered what your blog is built with. I did the same and searched the net and came across this cool website which will give a report of what technologies are used on your blog. It will list all the technologies including the host site of the site along with the perecentage of sites in the world using the same technology.


The site is called www.builtwith.com . This is a web page technology profiler which will find out what a site is built with. The reports generated by builtwith.com includes

  • Recommendations on what technologies your site could implement to improve sales,traffic, Development, Analysis, revenue and more.
  • Full customised Report on what technologies your site is using.
  • Technology usage standings on top web sites.
  • PDF download and hard copy posted to you.

Ofcourse the last option is available only if you pay for it. This site is useful as you can find out different technologies used on different sites and can use them in order to make your site better. It also has some options like suggest a software by which people can suggest a software which they are using.

Here is my report made by this site. looks like I have to improve a lot to cope up with others.


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December 19, 2007 by: Prasanth Chandra

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