TokBox – Free Video Chat / Messaging Without Any IM Client

There are many web applications which allow you to exchange messages without any IM client, but very few are aware that we can even have a video chat without any IM client. TokBox allows you to have free video chat among any number of friends.

You can register to TokBox by spending few seconds. And you can instantly have video chat with your friends and relatives. Each user will be given a unique link, which can be shared so that you can talk to your friends over live video.


ToxBox allows you to have live video chat with number of friends (as many as 20) at a time. So, simply share you link and get started to experience live video chat without any IM Client.

Internet has surely reduced the thousand of miles between you and your loved ones. But sometimes you do not have the access to any IM Client, which will not allow you to have a video chat with your friends and relatives. Under such case, try TokBox, it will overwhelm you.

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October 5, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra


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