Search Locations, Get Maps & Directions on your Mobile Phone – Bing Maps

GPS on your mobile phone can be a boon and save you a lot of trouble while travelling to an unfamiliar place. They will help you to search for specific locations and also provides you different maps and directions to any place you want to go like Malls, Hotels & Restaurants, etc.

However, some GPS applications require you to renew your subscription and update the application to continue using it and if you fail to do so, you’ll end up directionless with a dead  application and no where to go.  Bing maps will come to the rescue in similar situations.

To use it, Log on to and do away with your mobile applications. Enter the location in the search box and it will give you the result within seconds, with a complete map of the location. You can also refine your search and search for  a place using its street name or a popular landmark.

bing maps - search locations and get directions on mobile phone

That’s not all, you can also get driving directions from one place to another, with information on the turns and landmarks you’ll come across while driving. You don’t have to download any third party application or sign up to use this service. It is an absolutely free and reliable service accessible from any GPRS enabled phone and you will never be lost again.


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