Search Different Torrent Search Engines at Once with TorrentSurf

Searching torrents from different torrent search engines is a time taking process. Here is TorrenSurf , a real-time torrent search site that lets you simultaneously search 14 leading torrent engines such as Mininova, isoHunt, FullDls, Fenopy, BTJunkie, SumoTorrent, Demonoid, The Pirate Bay, Mybittorrent, Monova, NewTorrents, SeedPeer, TorrentHub and LegitTorrents. You can even sort torrent results by category, date, size, peers, torrent, seeds and engine.

torrent surf - real time torrent search engine

The site has a clean and user friendly interface. There are many other features like RSS Feed through which you can stay updated and Advanced search, using which you can specify which sites to include/exclude in your query. TorrentSurf filters and removes slow, fake and dead torrents leaving only links that work. Search your Torrents at

You can also check out other Torrents Searching Sites like, VerTor, USniff


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