Scribd – Share documents and files online for free

This is a free online library where anyone can publish and discover documents that are non-copyrighted and not considered illegal in the United States. These documents could be personal documents like school papers, PowerPoint presentations, research articles, funny pictures, free online books, commentaries, spreadsheets… whatever you can think of. Scribd started off as a project to share documents in different file formats residing on different systems, viewable online without the need of a particular software on the viewer’s system. You can upload documents without signing up. This encourages casual users to share stuff, in turn making Scribd a large storehouse of information.

scribd Apart from potentially benefiting the world, why publish? Well, a need to make public a piece of writing arises when he subject or document is controversial, when a review is needed for an article, to promote unpaid work, and so on. You can publish documents in the Word, PowerPoint, PDF, Excel, and PostScript formats (loosely speaking), and to view the documents, you just need a Flash-enabled browser.

Scribd also allows you to upload a document and keep it private. When this is done, you get a secret URL that can be shared with whomever you’d care to include in your privacy group. Only, you need to sign up to be able to do this, but that process isn’t time consuming or difficult in the least.

Other than uploading and viewing documents online, you can also convert between the Word, PDF, plaintext, HTML, JPEG, PowerPoint, and Excel formats—and even convert documents to audio (text-to-speech)! The audio format is MP3, allowing you to put it on a portable player. You’ll get a clearer picture when you visit the site. There’s a search, so don’t worry and have fun scribling!


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