Learn Free Web Designing Online Tutorials

If you are a beginner to intermediate level Web programmer, you will probably find EchoEcho.com indispensable for learning whole lot of things. The site is categorised into eight broad categories. At the first category, User Forums, you will find opinions about various Web sites and how they could have been done better. A forum on Page Development has discussions on scripting languages and Web site user interfaces; discussions on server-side coding and operating systems can also be found here.


D-Zine, another category, talks about design aspects beyond HTML and JavaScript. You will see important topics like site colours, graphic standards, and design perception that determines the pulling power of a Web site. Search engine types as well as off-beat ways of pushing your page up the search rankings are also explained. Then there are the techniques for fast loading of pages using CCS and JavaScript. Tables and XHTML are explained in detail.

The Tutorials section is sub-divided into Page Building, Component Building, and Server Programming. Though only HTML, JavaScript, Flash and Java applets are explained in detail, there are links to various external sites.


“Online tools” has some cool pre-coding to enhance Web site presentation. One just needs to enter the type of look and the links required, and the online tools return code that can be pasted to your site!


In the Free Resources section, you can find links to host your site for free, and also graphics like backgrounds, buttons, and bullets. Programs such as image editors, GIF animators, and HTML editors can be downloaded from here—as well as applets like a weather updater, fading text, image peeling, and pop up menus.


The other ones are Reference,where you can get basic information about different topics.  quiz, which comprises different questions and hosting, which will direct you to their hosting site. You can get the respective information from the links in the site. There is one anomaly, though: I am wondering why EchoEcho hasn’t implemented some of the “best practices” it preaches!


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