Kisstunes – Play, Record, Save and Share Your Own Tunes Online

KissTunes is a simple online tool using which you make your own tunes. It enables you to play music using your keyboard or mouse. Using this you can easily play, record, save and share your own tunes online. This web application can be used to share your tunes among your friends and they can even comment on your tunes and can also social bookmark them. There is even an option to select your instrument like Acousitc Guitar, Electric Piano or Grand Piano.

kiss tunes - make your tunes online

The interface is very simple. On the homepage you will see keys with their musical notes and on pressing the key through keyboard or mouse will produce the sound. There are many cool features which are useful for people who want to learn basics of music.

You can load your favorite tune and can play it here. This is useful to learn about the notes as the on-screen "kissboard" shows which keys are being pressed as the tune plays.

It also allows you to download your recording as a .kiss file, which you can re-open and play at the site. Your conversation with your friends also gets saved with the .kiss file, and the file gets updated with new comments every time you load it up. Go ahead and make your own tunes online at Kisstunes.

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June 30, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra


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