KeyXL – Online Database for Keyboard Shortcuts

Using a GUI without a mouse might seem insane at first, but you see these people around you every now and then, the types who seem unaware that there’s a mouse by the side of the keyboard. Keyboard shortcuts save time, to be precise but more importantly, it’s one more fun skill to show off, and it saves you from moving your hand between the two devices.

KeyXL has the largest database of keyboard shortcuts. You’ll find shortcuts for Windows, Linux, Mac, and popular Web applications. Even the latest software like Photoshop CS3 figure, and there’s a short description with each shortcut.

keyxl - keyboard shortcuts database

The site has a search box where you can search for keyboard shortcuts of any programs. You can select the category and the platform of your application to get your results in a neatly displayed list.

As a matter of fact, you can learn complicated software more quickly once you know, memorize, and practise the keyboard shortcuts. The ever-useful search field is there on the main page, and you can search for shortcuts for various software. Shortcut lists for different programs are constantly being added, and you can submit your own list(s), too.

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