Free Excel Spreadsheet Unlock Online Utility – Crack Open XLS Files Without A Password

You can restrict or password protect your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet documents with a password. This prevents the document from being edited or modified. If you want to crack or unlock these Excel Spreadsheets which are XLS files, you can now do it using Free Excel Spreadsheet Unlock Online Utility. This application lets you upload an Excel spreadsheet and unlock any protected sheets in the spreadsheet.

Free excel spreadsheet Unlock Utility

This online applications lets you upload XLS files you want to open, after accepting Terms and Conditions and then on clicking Submit will present you with an unlocked version of Excel Spreadsheet. This will be very much handy if you forgot the password of your excel spreadsheet. You can unlock as many files as you like for free. 

Note: You cannot edit the unlocked documents but you can copy down the contents and can make a duplicate which is much better than nothing.

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