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This Web site is heaven for professional programmers and development teams. It’s bound to go over the heads of beginners, though and that’s a word of warning! The site deals for the most part with application development in programming languages such as .NET, Java, and C++, as well as domains such as Web development, architecture, databases, security, and many more are discussed and dissected.

dev x- site for professional programmers and web developers

The site provides “just in time” e-learning to help development teams move ahead with project bottlenecks. The site aims to broaden the knowledge and hone the skills of developers through Webcasts, tutorials, and tools under partnership with IBM, Microsoft, and more. The Webcasts are dedicated to streaming online IT education and business events, though the content sites might need free or paid registration. Sub-sections under “Zones” are based on language and domain, and the topics covered in these sections are based on real-world experiences.

For example, if youre a team leader and need to choose an AJAX library type server-based or pure JavaScript, you’ll find something at this site to help you out. The home page features general programming articles as well as some on implementations of new technologies. Programming and enterprise trends are also talked about in these articles. Then there’s the incredibly useful “Tip Bank,” which contains more than 10,000 tips: workarounds and pieces of code that are oh-so-just-what-you-were-looking-for. For example, how do you create a favicon? How do you call a Java method from XQuery or animate form icons?

Then, “Sourcebank” gives links to source code and scripts posted from around the world. “10-Minute solutions” is a library of questions and answers and how-to articles that can be accomplished under 10 minutes: how do you encrypt sensitive configuration data with Java? How do you programmatically apply XSLT in a dynamic Java application? “APIFinder” redirects you to a sister site. Here, again, are articles, news, and so on, and most importantly, “the majority of APIs (here) are Web Services a.k.a. Web 2.0 APIs, but the site is designed to include APIs of absolutely any type.” We suppose you’ve gotten the idea by now. Newbies, stay out; intermediates and experts, explore, contribute, learn, use, code!

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