Create Own Digital Newspaper from Feeds using Feed Chronicle

Now you can create you own Digital Newspaper with a new service called Feed Chronicle. It is a new service that allows users to have a kind of digital newspaper with many sources like feeds from your favorite sites. The newspaper design looks like traditional newspaper site with ads in some places.

In order to use this service you have to login to it after registering in the site. Once logged in you can see a newspaper like interface. You will see feeds of major blogs arranged in the typical newspaper style. You can even customize the feeds using the customize link from the menu.

Feed Chronicle has been divided into many sections like Technology, Entertainment,Sports, Offbeat etc based on the topics. But it restricts user to add only 5 feeds under any section. So, If you are a person who likes a  lot of feeds, this may not suit your needs. This service will be useful if you like to read feeds of major blogs without logging into your reader.

An other option or I can say a better way to get yourself your own digital magazine is possible by using Tabbloid. It is a service which organises and rearranges your favorite feeds in magazine style and sends it in the form of PDF’s so that you can share it with anyone you like.

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January 8, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra


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