Count Words in PDF, Text, HTML, XML & CSV Files Online for Free

Now you can quickly count words in PDF, Text, HTML, XML and CSV files without even opening them by using a free online word count application called CountOnIt. It is an online application of Felix-cat. To get the number of words in your file all you need to do is select/upload the file you want it to count and then click on “Count” button. The site will display results after counting in the number of characters, words, asian characters etc.

count words in pdf


  • Count words in text, HTML, XML, CSV and PDF files.
  • Maximum allowed file size is 1 MB. Which is a limitation
  • Counts words, characters (with/without spaces), asian characters, non-asian words.
  • Free, no sign up.

Other online tools are WordCountTool for counting words in documents  and also for a selected text .


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