7 Best Web Sites To Download Free eBooks Legally

With number of eBooks readers in the market, eBooks are popular more than ever. And if you are looking for best web sites to download free eBooks legally, then we have a good list for you. These free eBooks or digital books can be read on desktops, laptops or any e-book readers.

Now, all the smartphones allow you to read these ebooks. So, here are some good web sites which let you download ebooks on literature for free:

Project Gutenberg

The Project Gutenberg offers probably the largest collection of free books. Here you can now choose between more than 33,000 eBooks on any subject. Project Gutenberg is committed to ensuring that all works where the copyright has expired, scanned and made available free of charge. The collection is updated daily and eBooks can be downloaded directly to iPad, Kindle, Sony Reader & Co. as well as any smartphone. This is what every eBook in various formats such as ePub Kindle, mobile or txt available. There is also an extra set of books in German.

Google Books

Also, Google offers such a lot of free eBooks. But not all of them can be read in full, and for most there is only a free preview of a few sample pages. To filter out completely free eBooks, you go to the Advanced Search and select the point here, just full view. The books can be read but only online at Google Books. The download is not provided by Google.


The portal Bookboon is divided into three different areas: travel guide, study and business. These areas are some free eBooks in PDF format. Various guides, literature for study (from business to law, mathematics) and Business Guide can be downloaded, according to the e-mail address to subscribe for our newsletter.


PaperC offers a digital alternative to the university library. Here you can trade books from all sorts of fields from architecture to medicine to read for free online. But initially no registration is required. But who wants to read more than 4 pages of a book, must register. When you read online there is also a time limit of 30-60 minutes. Then, the corresponding book for 60 min blocked and only then can read it again. Save (PDF), editing and printing are charged.

Galileo Galileo Computing and Design

The Galileo Web site provides free ebooks for online reading or download. This is exclusively for IT textbooks, eg on the topics of Linux, Java, or Photoshop, which are the areas of computing and associated design. The books can be downloaded in HTML format.

beam, the eBook Store

beam, the eBook store offers, in addition to fee-based eBooks, a separate division for free offers. The selection is impressive, and there are also some well-known tracks (such as “Little Lord Fauntleroy,” “Treasure Island” and “Sherlock Holmes”) here. The eBooks are available in the ePub and PDF format. For the free download you must register in advance by e-mail address. ePub formats are e.g. from the iPad or Sony Reader supports. Reading on the desktop is possible only through additional software such as Adobe Digital Editions.

PDF Search Engine

Pdfgeni searches the web for PDF files to the desired subject. Useless is of course much, but I was surprised how much interesting PDFs has found the search, egLecture slides from universities, brochures and eBooks in PDF format.

These are some of the web sites where you can download free ebooks on literature or any other topic for free. And the best part is that these sources offer you legal copies of these ebooks.

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October 18, 2010 by: Prasanth Chandra


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