How to Avoid a Password Prompt after Resuming from Power Saving / Sleep mode

It can be irritating to be prompted for a password each time your system resumes from the power-saving mode or when it goes to sleep mode. How do you disable this function? To access this control, you’ll have to dig into the Power Options of the system. The procedure to avoid password prompt after resuming […]

How to Use the Presentation Mode – Mobility Center on a Desktop PC in Windows 7

We can enable the presentation mode on Windows 7 laptop, but what If you want to use this feature on desktop PC? Where do you find it and how do you enable it? The Mobility Center is available on all Windows 7 versions, irrespective of whether the operating system is running on a laptop or […]

Display System Information as your Desktop Wallpaper – BgInfo

When looking for solutions for computer-related problems on a forum, you are asked to provide system information such as details of the processor, RAM, operating system and so on. Searching the Control Panel for this information can be irritating at times. So how do you keep this handy when in need? A good option is […]

How to Integrate Folders as Menus into Quick Launch Bar of Windows

The extendable Quick-Launch bar offers direct access to important programs. However, more the number of applications is added to it, the more confusing it gets. The time advantage is lost in the effort spent on searching for the right program. Set aside My Computer as an independent task bar on the desktop. By integrating the […]

How To Find Serial / License Key Of Windows 7 / Vista / XP And Other Windows OS

How do you actually find the serial number / product key / license code of the installed Windows operating system on the computer? It is quite obvious that asking the key from the owner of that particular Windows operating system might not be the viable option. Here is a free tool namely, Windows 7 Key […]

How To Fix Windows 7 Updates Downloading / Installing Problems

If you are trying to fix problems related to downloading / installing Windows 7 updates, then here is an way to fix them. If Windows 7 is not able to install or download its updates, then there might be some kind of inconsistency in it. Microsoft itself has come out with its System Update Readiness […]

How To Disable Search Options In Windows 7

You can easily disable search options in Windows 7. Windows 7 is one the most user friendly operating systems ever designed, yet there might me users who do not want search options on their computer. The new search features in Windows 7 have been improved a lot. Sometimes, however, not all users want to use […]

How To Change The Start Menu Logo on Windows 7

Changing the Start Menu logo on Windows 7 does not require much of your efforts and it does not even require any technical expertise. If you are tired of seeing the usual Windows logo button on the Start menu, now you can change it easily and quickly. All you need is a simple program namely, […]

How To Unlock Hidden Themes In Windows 7

Windows 7 is a delight for the users looking for graphical pleasure. Here is a way to unlock the hidden themes in Windows 7 operating system. The best thing about Windows 7 is that you can tweak it the way you want, but it would still offer you with best of security and safety parameters. […]

How To Fix / Get Missing Recycle Bin Icon From Windows 7 Desktop Screen

If you are trying to get back or fix the missing Recycle Bin Icon from your Windows 7 desktop screen, then here is the procedure. After tweaking a lot, you might find the Recycle Bin icon go missing. For some it might just be a Recycle Bin and for others, it is a source of […]

Blu – Best Desktop Twitter Client / App For Vista / Windows 7 OS

I found Blu as the best desktop Twitter Client / App for Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. This Twitter apps runs so smoothly on Windows 7, which keeps you away from Twitter web. We have already told you about the best Twitter clients for Android powered mobile phones. This desktop Twitter client required .NET […]

Seesmic Look – Desktop Twitter Client For Windows 7

Seesmic Look is a real time web based desktop Twitter Client for Windows 7 OS. This makes social networking on Windows 7 a better experience. There are millions of Twitter users who love spending time with their tweets and retweets. And this desktop Twitter app lets you have an amazing time on Twitter on your […]

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