How to Change The Default Drive Tools In XP

Windows XP bundles some utilities to take care of common problems. The defragmenter brings scattered data together to boost file access speed. Scandisk checks for and fixes disk errors. Disk Cleanup sweeps unwanted files off your hard drive, and Backup backs up your files. While these utilities do what they claim to do, there are […]

How to Add Various File types to the Context Menu in Explorer

In Explorer, when using the File > New option, or when right-clicking and selecting New, you get a list of files that you can create, including text documents, folders, images, sounds, Excel spreadsheets, etc. If you want to be able to make new items, such as HTML files or RTF documents, you will have to […]

How to Reveal the Hidden Devices in your Computer

There is a list of hidden devices that do not normally show up in the Device Manager. You can get XP to reveal these devices by either changing a Registry entry, or by creating a batch file to launch the Device Manager with the correct options.   If you’re comfortable with the Registry, open the […]

Add “Reboot Into Safe Mode” To Your Start Menu

Safe Mode is an excellent feature in Windows XP which is not used much. But it serves great to perform repairs and other operations which may crash the system. Generally the safe mode can be accessed through BIOS. Now. we can add “Boot into Safe Mode” in your start menu. To do this you require […]

How To Get Rid Of The Notification :“Unread Email Messages”

Some messages or notifications on Windows XP and Vista are so annoying. One of them is this "Unread Email Message " . This is often displayed on the Welcome Screen, and Here’s how to get rid of it :   Start the Registry Editor: Start > Run > regedit > [Enter]   Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion […]

How to Gain Access to System Volume Information of System Restore

If you use System Restore, you must have noticed the System Volume Information folders in the root of each of your drives. This folder stores the files used by System Restore. Their sizes can sometime balloon to gigabytes, because System Restore doesn’t delete your older restore points when creating a new one. Moreover, every time […]

How to Sort Menus Alphabetically in Windows XP

In Windows XP the programs in the START menu is arranged without any specific order. You can make them arranged in the alphabetical order by a simple registry tweak. In order to perform this, here is the procedure: Start the Registry editor: Start > Run > regedit > [Enter]. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MenuOrder Right click on […]

Windows RUN Commands you may not know

Here are some Windows RUN Commands which can be used to start applications from the RUN. In windows XP or Vista Run can be invoked either by selecting it from the START menu or by Pressing Windows key + R. You can try these commands to simplify your computing experience and also to run different […]

Boot Into XP Using A USB Flash Drive!

Booting into Windows XP can be done through USB drive. This can be useful if you are getting any booting errors and also if you don’t have that bootable cd or cd drive available. This involves a simple process which will copy down the files required for booting into the USB drive and then operating […]

How to Hide Hard Drive Partitions

In order to protect your data from others there are many ways like preventing access to your drives by locking them with the help of a software or you can even lock the folders without using a software so that others can’t open them. Another method is hiding your drives partitions which will make your […]

How to create windows XP live CD in 15 mins

Microsoft Windows XP live CD  is the best way to boot into the Operating System without installation into the computer. By using this XP Live CD you can use XP and its features without actually installing them. This sounds cool, right? Creating a Live CD is not a big problem. It just involves adding of […]

How to delete history in windows media player

Windows Media Player which is in built with Windows OS plays most of the formats but if you want to delete the history of your windows media player to prevent others knowing about what you have been listening or watching. It can be done by a simple trick through which you can clear your recent […]

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