List of Unnecessary Services You Should Disable to Increase Performance of Computer

Windows automatically starts up some services in the background. Most of these services are unused by common PC users. This tends to slow down the booting time and it can also be heavy on important resources like CPU and RAM. Here are some listed unnecessary services which you can safely disable (if not used) which […]

Find and Download the Right Microsoft Software Updates using File Names

Microsoft updates are always confusing. Especially when there are several files for an update whose names are only marginally different from each other. Which file is the right one? Microsoft has been using a default pattern for all software update packets since 2003. This simplifies the search for software updates and the relevant articles in […]

How to Prevent Irritating System Error Messages like “Out of Memory” by Increasing Desktop Heap

Some applications with numerous windows are already running and this is what happens when you start another program: Windows refuses to open it, showing an error message which says “Out of memory”. But the Task Manager shows sufficient physical memory and swap space The system intermediate memory, “Desktop heap”, which is too small by default, […]

How to Synchronize your Computer’s Clock with an Internet Time Server

Does your computer have the right time? If your computer is not part of a domain, you can synchronize your computer’s clock time with an Internet time server. To do this, Double-click the time on your task bar. Click the Internet time tab. Select the time server you want to use and make sure to […]

How to Remove Programs from Open With Context Menu

When you right-click on a file, one of the options you see is “Open With”. These usually contain what Windows thinks are valid programs to open particular file types. Now, sometimes, when you have bad installers or uninstallers, some programs leave their mark on this context menu. Basically, if you want to clean out this […]

Get the Latest NEWS from the Internet by Integrating Website on your Desktop at all times.

Widescreen monitors give you loads of space on the desktop. Even around an open Word window. But it would be more practical if, for example, you have the latest information and news from the Internet on your screen at all times.  You can integrate any website onto the desktop if you have Windows XP. For […]

Formatting Memory Cards even as a Restricted User

It is not possible to format memory cards if you have an account with restricted rights. This is irritating, since you do not always want to work on the system as administrator due to security reasons. You can activate the formatting function for restricted user accounts in both Windows XP versions – Home and Professional, […]

Eliminate Display Problems of Missing or Damaged Fonts

Some system fonts have evidently been damaged after installing and uninstalling many applications. Windows has been displaying messages incorrectly for some time. Tidy up your system again by reinstalling the necessary fonts and deleting fonts that are unnecessary.   Renewing Fonts: The following fonts are included in Windows and these should remain installed on each […]

Reactivating Windows Update after Repairing the System

Windows refuses to boot any more. Luckily, the repair function of the setup CD was able to repair the system. However, Windows Update has strangely stopped functioning automatically or manually. We already discussed about activating Windows for Corrupted XP Installation. Here we will see how to reactivate the Windows Update after repairing the System. A […]

Retrieve or Get Back a Missing Internet Explorer Address Bar After Windows XP Sp3 installation

Until now, you have used the ‘Address’ toolbar in the taskbar as a quick and easy input field. But after installing Service Pack 3, this Address bar suddenly disappeared and it’s not possible to bring it back. On account of some legal specifications in connection with the powerful integration of Internet Explorer with the operating […]

Defragment Drives Easily from Right Click – Context Menu

For the system to work smoothly, the hard disk must be defragmented regularly. However, using the Start menu to open the Disk Manager each time becomes cumbersome. With an entry in the registry, you can expand the context menu for disk drives to include the command to defragment them directly from the right click context […]

Manage your Windows XP Desktop Better with Virtual Desktop Manager

Moving too many windows opened simultaneously is very tedious. Besides, the budget is too small to procure a giant TFT.  If you are short on desktop space, you have the option of virtually enlarging the monitor with Virtual Desktops. With Multiple Desktops in one Monitor, You can then group communication and Internet programs, on one […]

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