How to Open a Command Prompt from a Folder’s Right Click Context Menu

Even though a graphical user interface is indispensable, the command prompt still comes in handy at times. However, when you wish to bring up the MS-DOS box, the shortcut is hidden deep within the start menu. How about making the command prompt available instantly? If you use the command prompt frequently, the best way to […]

Make The Safe Mode Boot Option Appear Every Time Windows Starts Up

Safe Mode is one method to start a computer when there is any system crash or other problems.  You can boot in safe mode using BIOS. We previously discussed about how to Add “Reboot Into Safe Mode” To Your Start Menu. We can even add this in the system startup, so that you can choose […]

Get an Exclusive Button for Hibernate in Shut Down Menu

Hibernate is very handy feature which helps you shutdown your computer quickly saving all the settings. You can access Hibernate by pressing [Shift] key in the shutdown menu. By this, you can toggle between Stand By and Hibernate. If you want to use Hibernate frequently and want to access it easily, here is an easy […]

Repair “Help and support cannot be opened, since a system service has not been executed” Error Message

When you try to access Windows Help you may come across the error message “Help and support cannot be opened, since a system service has not been executed” is displayed. The reason behind this error message is a service is not started in the background which is required for help and support. This means that […]

Running Short of Disk Space or Sudden Memory Loss [ Troubleshoot ]

Are you facing a situation where you are running short of disk space, without having saved gigabytes worth of data or installing many programs lately. In this case of Low disk space, available disk space shrinks without your doing anything, recent system crashes are probably the cause. If the error reporting tool is activated, Windows […]

Speed Up Booting by Disabling Starting Windows Boot Logo [ Splash Screen ]

It is possible to disable the XP splash screen which will speed up the overall boot process slightly. But remember removing the splash screen will also bar you from seeing any boot up message that might come up ( for instance, if there is a system crash, the chkdsk screen will not show up, nor […]

How to Release the Network Brake of DSL Modem and Speed Up System Startup

After installing a network card for the connection of a DSL modem, the PC boots up very slowly. It does not react for minutes together, and then suddenly everything starts functioning smoothly. This article explains Why it happens and how can you prevent it. The emergency brake in this case is the ‘Dynamic IP address […]

How to Move / Relocate the ‘Temporary Internet Files’ folder to a Different Drive.

Sometimes you need to save the temporarily downloaded files (cache) for the Internet explorer to save some important files. Some may even need to use the space from another drive rather than use the C: drive itself. Previously we discussed about how to avoid Temp Folders wasting space in IE To redirect Temporary Internet Files […]

How to Access USB Hard Drives Safely via a Network

USB storage drives are very practical as you can simply attach them and there’s additional storage space for your data. However, network access to shared directories on a USB drive does not always work. If multiple USB hard drives are attached to one computer, the Windows server service SRV frequently refuses access to shared folders […]

How to Verify / Detect Corrupt Windows System Files and Replace Them with Originals

After installing multiple programs, Windows reports problems with some system files. These may be like installation routines of new applications might overwrite some important Windows system files. If these files are not precisely the versions required, this can result in problems such as crashing and data loss. Microsoft has thus integrated a verification routine in […]

Get Rid of Low Disk Space Warning Message

You get a lot of annoyances in Windows XP. One common irritant is the low disk space warning that comes popping up repeatedly when a partition is low on free space. After the first time, this warning contains no fresh information,and is only an annoyance. You’ll need to spend less than a minute in the […]

How to Hide One or More Partition / Drives of your Computer Hard Disk

Previously we discussed a way to Hide hard drive partitions using Command prompt. Now we are discussing about hiding more than two ways to hide hard drive letters that appear in My Computer: via the Registry Editor and via the Group Policy Editor. These methods will hide the partition and will not show them in […]

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