Automatically Change the Wall Paper in Vista Home, Premium, Ultimate

Variety is the spice of life. This also holds true for the desktop wallpaper. Windows Vista is capable of changing the wallpaper at regular intervals automatically so that you need not do it yourself. A Vista sidebar gadget can do this job for you. To do this.. Establish an Internet connection and right-click on the […]

How To Use Aero Glass Transparency Effects of Vista on Older Notebooks

Recently I installed Vista Home Premium on a two year old notebook. But in spite of powerful graphics chip Vista absolutely refuses to use the new Aero Glass transparency effects. Here is how it is done.. Windows Vista checks at the time of installation whether sufficient RAM is available for the Aero Glass effects. For […]

Configure the System without Annoying Queries by Activating Admin Account in Vista

If you have been getting a lot of confirmation requests while performing any system configuration changes, the Administrator user account must be deactivated. Vista installs the special user ‘Administrator’ for extreme system configurations. The advantage of the admin account is that the many annoying confirmation requests that appear when performing changes in the configuration are […]

Download Windows Vista Ultimate – Helpful Hints Tips and Tricks E-Book for Free

If you are a Windows Vista Ultimate user, who do not know how to operate it to its full potential and take maximum advantage of the superior features come with the operating system, Here is one cool book which can help you in many ways. It is called “Windows Vista Ultimate – Helpful Hints”, a […]

How to Set a Screensaver as the Desktop Background

You want to set your favorite screensaver as a background to pep up your Windows desktop during a presentation. Windows however does not allow this at all. How to make it work?  Here is a simple command prompt which will make it work and it’s quite simple to do.. Open Start > All programs > […]

How to Make Ready Boost Default in Vista

Ready Boost is a disk caching technology that kicks in when you attach USB flash drives. This optimizes your system performance and is should be automatically switched on if you’re short on system memory and want to use a flash drive. However, no software is that intelligent, and in some cases this feature is not […]

How to Fix COM Surrogate Has Stopped Working Error

Most of the people are having the error COM Surrogate has stopped working whenever they browse folders containing video or media files in Vista. This occurs mainly because of codecs and other COM components installed by various software that aren’t compatible with Vista.                 Here are the possible solutions to fix COM Surrogate Error, depending […]

How to Disable User Access Control in Vista

User Access Control is that annoying thing that keeps on popping up tirelessly to ask you if it is OK to install a particular program when you try to install one. It is one of the biggest irritants in Vista, but I must warn you that disabling it will render your system less secure.   […]

How To Take Ownership of Files in Vista

Taking ownership of system files and folders in Vista is a pain. You can use the command line or the GUI, but you will tire after a while because there are simply too many steps. Here’s a way that will add this option to the context menu, so all you need to do to take […]

Get Vista’s Productivity Features In XP with Simple Add-Ons.

If you don’t want to move to Vista, and still have an urge to try some of its features, you can do it in the form of standalone add-on programs for Windows XP that can give you close to the entire Vista experience. Vista is an eye candy provided your computer got the resources. Without […]

How To Hike your Vista Experience Rating

The Windows Experience Rating is sort of like a system performance gauging system that you only find in Vista. While many complain that it’s flawed and unfair at times, there’s a way to fool Vista. Basically, we change the performance figures in the XML that holds the scores for each of the subsystems. To see […]

How to Use Any Type of Gadget On Vista’s Sidebar

Vista Sidebar is a very essential feature which is used mainly for fast accessing of a lot of applications. But there are only a limited number of gadgets available for it. Here is a way to convert Google gadgets or almost any type of Gadgets and use them on your Vista Sidebar. You can transform […]

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