How to Search for Files Quickly in Crowded Folders / Directories using Attributes and Metadata in Vista

What is the difference between directories in Windows Explorer and the folders of an actual filing cabinet? They are never full, irrespective of how many files one stuffs in them. There is a big disadvantage though, one cannot see them all with a simple glance. Windows Vista offers the option of stacking files in folders […]

Access Frequently Used System Folders Instantaneously in Windows XP & Vista

As an experienced user, you frequently work in system folders such as ‘System32’, ‘My Network Places’ and ‘Programs’, but find navigating through the Windows Explorer directory structure very annoying. You can open the desired folder directly in Explorer using some shortcuts. In this way you can access the frequently used system folders quickly. To do […]

Display Outlook Reminders and Mails Continuously in Vista

Generally the important reminders and emails of Microsoft Outlook easily will go unnoticed as they get buried under numerous application windows on the screen. Now you can keep important schedules and emails in direct view with a sidebar gadget, eliminating the need to frequently switch to Outlook to check the Inbox. The gadget mentioned here […]

Block Users from Downloading Files using Vista Web Filter

The internet is loaded with several junk files, which seem safe but later turn out to be virus or spyware. If several users access your computer, you can block certain users from downloading unwanted files from the Internet. You can use security features to prevent single or several downloads from the internet. Here’s what you […]

How to Block Executable Applications in Vista

The Internet provides several free downloadable applications, some of these could harm or destroy your data. Sometimes, some applications that are useful, could be harmful to the computer, especially if it is being used by another person. For instance, the file removal tools, which deletes data permanently with no chances of recovery. If such an […]

Resize or Reduce partition size in Vista

In previous versions of windows, during setup, you could allocate a limited amount of space for every drive. Once done, it would be inevitable to reduce the size of any partition if required. But in windows Vista, this can be feasibly done. Unlike previous windows versions, Vista allows you to reduce the disk space of […]

Eliminate or Remove the System Tray in Vista

Windows Vista and previous versions of Windows have a system tray which allows you to access programs with ease. The tray is placed at the bottom right of the screen. You might not want to use it as tends to give the desktop a congested look. You cannot eliminate or hide it  using any normal […]

How to Automate System Restore in Vista

Windows is prone to external attacks or viruses, which may destroy or delete important data stored on your computer. The system restore feature in Windows helps you create backups of a particular day. However, creating restore points manually may be time consuming. This task can be automated using the task scheduler feature from Windows Vista. […]

Encrypt or Decrypt Files and Folders through the Right Click Context Menu in Vista

Windows Vista has a built in file encryption utility. If you use this utility quite frequently, you may want to add this option to the contextual menu (the menu that opens on right-clicking a file). This would make it quite easy to encrypt or decrypt your files rather than using the file properties dialog box. […]

How To Turn Off User Account Control for Individual Programs in Vista

You use the same programs every day when you work but you still have to keep confirming the User Account Control messages that pop each time you start the computer. This is annoying. On the other hand, such strict control also means better security which is why you should never completely switch off User Account […]

How to Remove Vista And Its Boot Loader Completely

If you have Vista and XP in dual-boot and want to get rid of Vista, its boot loader is an obstacle. To remove Vista and its boot loader completely from your system, Follow this procedure Insert your Windows XP CD and boot from it. Remember to set your first boot device as your CD/DVD drive. […]

Easy Way to Capture Screenshots of Desired Windows or Entire Screen in Vista

Previous versions of windows allowed a user to capture screen shots of Desktop by hitting the [PrtScrn] key. This was quiet disquieting as it had limited options to further manipulate the image. To overcome this problem, Windows Vista has introduced the Snipping Tool. Using this tool, one can easily capture screenshots of the desired window, […]

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