Top Ways To Speed Up Windows 8

Personally, I love my Mac so much that I did not explore Windows 8 much. But I came across people who have said that Windows 8 boots up slowly, while few opposed it. Similarly, there are number of things that can be done with Windows 8 to have a lightening fast end product. In this […]

Windows Logo Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

I love keyboard shortcuts, and this is the reason that I keep on sharing the keyboard shortcuts whenever I come acroos the interesting ones. Lately, I have been sharing a lot of good lists on Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts, and here is one more list to the category. In this post, I have listed out […]

MS Paint Keyboard Shortcuts

MS Paint is surely one of the oldest and best painting or drawing tool available for computer. And knowing the shortcuts of this beautiful tool will make the whole thing more fun. In this post, I have shared the best MS Paint keyboard shortcuts. Regardless the fact if you are regular MS Paint user or […]

Best File Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows 8

I do not prefer using mouse while I am working on my machine. And I have learned that Windows 8 has a keyboard shortcut for almost every possible action. So, instead of flooding all the Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts in one single post, I am trying to compile different lists of keyboard shortcuts for different […]

Best General Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows 8

We have always loved keyboard shortcuts for different operating systems, and lately we have been into a mission of sharing number of posts on Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts. This post is a wonderful compilation of general keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8. The best part about this compilation is the fact that most its tasks are […]

How To Setup Picture Password On Windows 8

When I first came to know about this feature, I rushed into my brother’s room to try this feature out. “Picture Password”, this is the most innovative way to login I have ever come across. So what exactly is a Picture Password? Well, this will display you a picture (chosen by you) on the login […]

5 Best Metro Style Apps For Windows 8

Windows 8 Consumer Preview’s latest release has been out lately and Metro user interface is one of the most incredible features offered by it. This Metro user interface replaces the conventional Start button. I have been on some forums and learned that it is more purposeful on on touch screen devices than on conventional computers. […]

Customize Taskbar In Windows 8 And Windows 7

The way your computer looks shows the kind of person you are. And mind you, this is so very true. Now if you wish to customize taskbar in Windows 8 and Windows 7, this post would surely help. In this post, I won’t be talking about the conventional way to change the taskbar on your […]

Start8 – Add Start Button On Windows 8

If we talk about looks, then Windows 8 is unbelievably different from its previous versions. And users who have already started using Windows 8 are loving its interface. The new interface of Windows 8 is nice and functional, but there are few things that people wish for. Missing Start button is one of those things […]

How To Restore Deleted Files On Windows 8

Counterparts do inspire each other and this feature of Windows 8 lets you restore deleted files. Like the Time Machine feature of Mac OS X, you can now recover files on Windows 8 from the past. Now you can either dedicate an external hard disk to have all the backups stored or you can have […]

How To Capture Screenshot On Windows 8 Without Any Tool

Windows is now following the foot steps of Mac, where it is trying to offer almost all the basic functionalities by default. And no wonder, this would excite every Windows lover. Letting you capture screenshot without any tool is another nifty feature that would save your efforts while taking screenshots. Gone are days where you […]

How To Dual Boot Windows 8 And Windows 7

Microsoft has lately come up with its beta version of Windows 8 and named it Windows 8 Consumer Preview. There has been HUGE improvement from its previous version (Developer version). We have already shared a tutorial to create bootable Windows 8 USB drive, which we would be using later in this tutorial to dual boot […]

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