Extract Text from Images / Pictures – Free Online OCR – i2OCR

i2OCR is a OCR ( Optical Character Recognition ) web application which is used to extract text from images online.  This free online OCR can extract text from pictures of different file formats like TIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, PBM, PGM, PPM. It supports multi-column documents and you can get your text translated into 33 […]

How To Post Audio On Facebook And Twitter

We say, Sharing Is Caring. With the increasing popularity of social networking sites, sharing have become so much fun on Internet. But do you know the way to post audio on Facebook and Twitter? If you find a song on Internet, sharing it is an easy task as every site offers users with Share button. […]

How To Find Who Deleted You On Facebook

Yes, this is the name of the web app, ‘Who Deleted Me On Facebook?’ And as the name indicates, this web app lets you find who has unfriended you on Facebook. Using this app is no big deal. All you need to do is get your self registered to their service and sync your Facebook […]

Font Comparer – Compare Fonts Online For Free

Font Comparer is a free web app which lets you compare fonts online for free. The best thing about this web app is the fact that it does not ask you for any registration or subscription fee. You can visit it, and start comparing fonts. Google or Typekit Fonts acts as source to this web […]

Import Facebook Birthdays And Events To Google Calander And Outlook

Facebook has become more than just an ordinary Social Networking for its users. People find it a great means to remember their friends’ and relatives’ birthdays and events that they were looking for. But how could you get them on your calander. Here is a web app FBCal, which lets you import / transfer Facebook […]

Stereomood – Search And Find Music By Mood

The site says, ‘behind every song there is an emotion, and is why one loves music. If you hear something sad, we feel nostalgic and somewhat depressed, Caribbean rhythms, we would probably say happy, and if we hear good heavy metal, we’ll be fine energetic and aggressive. With Stereomood, you can find music by mood. […]

Best Way To Search and Find Song By Lyrics

There must have been times when you remember a line or two of a song but cannot recall the name, artist or any other info related to that song. Yes, I am asking if you can search and find song by lyrics? Some times you can but most of the times you fail. There are […]

Free Subtitle: Download Subtitles In Spanish, French, German

Here is an amazing web service, Free Subtitle which lets you find and download subtitles for movies and TV shows. Free Subtitle lets you download subtitles in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Arabic and many other languages. This is one stop for the people looking for subtitles in different languages. Finding subtitles for movies […]

Gogostat – Monitor / Check Your Kids On Facebook

Gogostat is a free web application which lets you monitor / check your kids on Facebook. Using this parental control web service, you can track / monitor your child’s activities on Facebook.  These days, Everybody wants to use  Facebook  regardless their age, profession or any other parameter. So, Its better to keep a check on […]

How To Convert Any File To Torrent Online

Burnbit is an amazing web app which converts any file into torrent online without any torrent or P2P client. This web service lets you burn files straight on to your server to torrents without much of efforts. All you need to do is simply mention the path of the path of the file that you […]

How To Win eBay Auctions / Biddings Easily | goSnipe |

goSnipe is amazing web service which lets you win eBay auctions / bidding by placing your bid at the last second. You can do this manually also, but sitting there in front of your computer and waiting for the clock to tick is one hectic task. With goSnipe, your bid is placed on eBay automatically […]

TargetMap – Create / Make Your Own Online Map For Free

TargetMap is an amazing web app which lets you create / make your own online map for free. This web service that leverages the enormous potential offered by Google Maps geographical, surely it is truly functional and useful for creating your own online maps. TargetMap, a service that lets you create your own interactive map […]

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