Fetchnotes – Create And Save Notes Online

Making notes is a great way to remember things and people have used to it by the coming of Sticky Notes on Windows 7. But what if you want to makes notes such that you can check them when you are run, while you are at office, home or friend’s place. Advancements in Cloud computing […]

How To Backup Photos From Facebook, Flickr, Instagram To Dropbox

There are number of web services available on Internet which let you backup your photos from your Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Picasa account. In this post we would be talking of one such service, SaveYourStuff which lets you backup your photos from Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Picasa to Dropbox. Sounds interesting, right? You can configure SaveYourStuff such […]

CX – iCloud Alternative For Android, Windows, Mac, BlackBerry

Cloud storage is the latest way to store stuff now. Now you do not need carry a memory stick or a hard drive to carry your files. Well, the world is getting Internet-ized and why to carry storage devices if we can use cloud storage. But most of the popular cloud storage services available are […]

Pic To Icon Converter – Convert Images To Icons

Have you ever wished that you My Computer has an icon of your image instead of boring image of a computer. Sounds incredible right? Yes, I am talking about a tool which lets you convert images to icons. If you’re a very organized and detailed with your digital files, you would love to have your […]

Create Popup For Coupon Badges For Free

Discount, sale or coupons are one of those words which attract the attention of a normal human. Popify.me is a free web service which lets you create popup for coupon badges for free. There is no better way than popups to make your readers aware of interesting offers that you throw. This web service lets […]

Top 3 Free Online Screen Sharing Tools

Online screen sharing tools are one the best way to tell your friends what and how to do things when you are not near them show. But installing the tools on your computer and start using them is surely a pain. So, this leads us to use the online screen sharing tools. Now there are […]

Twitter Symbol – Add Twitter Characters And Twitter Symbols

If you want to use symbols on Twitter or you want to use special characters, then her is a free web service, Twitter Symbol. Using this free web app, you get to add some amazing symbols like heart symbols, music symbols and other beautiful characters as your Tweets. What makes this web app more special […]

InstaFB – Import Pictures From Instagram To Facebook

This web service, InstaFB is meant for such people who love using Instagram and Facebook. So what purpose does InstaFB serve to you? Well, this free web service lets you import pictures from Instagram to Facebook with so much of ease. All you need to do is register to service your sync your Facebook and […]

Groovylists – Import Playlists From Spotify To Grooveshark

If you want to switch from Spotify to Grooveshark, here is an amazing way to get import you Spotify playlists. Groovylists is a free web service which lets you import playlists from Spotify to Grooveshark. Not just this, you can use this service to import your playlists from Last.fm and iTunes XML playlists too. All […]

How To View All Your Facebook LIKES

Facebook has become one of those phenomenon that every one affected by. And people have so much to find on Facebook. So, if you looking to find and view all your Facebook LIKES, then we have got a smooth and quick solution. LikeJournal is a free web service which uses your Facebook credentials to login […]

Search TV Series Online – Download TV Shows

Searching things on search engines is not always a cake walk. If you are a huge follower of any TV Series and you are searching for any episodes so that you can download them, we have got an easy solution for you. So, you need not bug yourself with any of the torrent clients, search […]

How To Find Old Tweets And Messages On Twitter

Twitter does offer you with an option called Twitter History. But yes, using that option you cannot dig tweets and messages beyond a period of time. So what would you do if you want to search and find old Tweets and Messages which cannot be traced by Twitter too. Well, here is the answer for […]

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