How To Permanently Delete Facebook Profile

Facebook has surely become an very important part in a common Internet users’ which enables them to keep in touch with their friends and relatives. Facebook is not just a normal social networking website, its a powerful tool for marketing people too. Because of some reason if you are looking for a way to delete […]

How To Run Internet Explorer On Mac

If you own a Mac, then you might have noticed that there are number of applications that won’t run on it because they only compatible ¬†on Windows. I am sure that this harsh fact sickens you. Even though you have spent so much on your laptop, no doubt its better than any other laptop in […]

Must Know Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts For Mac OSX And Windows

Shortcuts are the life line of every multi tasker, and every person working on computers is a multi tasker. Every keyboard shortcut saves some time and efforts, and when you make use of all the keyboard shortcuts you know, you will realize that you have saved a considerable amount of time and efforts. We have […]

5 Must Have Free Outlook Add Ons – Part 2

Yes, its a part 2. We have previously shared 5 Free Outlook Add Ins and this post is an extension of that list. If you have used Outlook, then you would realize that its the best email client that you would ever come across. And with some useful add ons for Outlook being handy, it […]

How To Prevent Tracking Cookies

The cookie debates, debacles, and disasters are all over the place. Especially since the hype spread by a number of agencies attempting to get rid of tracking cookies, which are essentially computer monitoring and cell phone tracking devices they claim, from our internet lives. Multinational corporations and large scale advertising agencies use these cookies to […]

2BizBox A2 – Free ERP Software For Small Business

Technology has surely become a part of everyone’s life. Whether it would be a small scale business or large scale, technology always has a part to play. And the use of technology only helps it. Unlike big names, the smaller companies cannot afford software developers to design tools. So, if you are running any business […]

Top Features Of OS X Mountain Lion

I got to know about OS X Mountain Lion when I was looking for a smoother way to upgrade my Snow Leopard to Lion. And while reading about OS X Mountain Lion, I said to my self, “Holy Cow!, This is incredible!.” If you are thinking of upgrading your Snow Leopard to Lion OS X, […]

5 Best Apps To Create Surveys On Facebook

If you are looking for a place where you can find the opinion of all the people you know, then its Facebook. And there is no better way than conducting surveys to know the opinions of the people. Now the question is, how to create surveys on Facebook? Well, there are number of Facebook applications […]

Best Hidden Keyboard Shortcuts For Mac

You know whats the best thing about Mac OS, that you have inbuilt keyboard shortcuts with each and every program. But it all boils down to a simple fact that how do you use them or are you atleast aware of them. Here, we would be sharing the best hidden keyboard shortcuts for Mac. Or […]

5 Best Ways To Watch Game Of Thrones Online

Honestly speaking, I haven’t seen many of the TV shows but have loved watching Game Of Thrones. I have loved this TV show so much that I doubt if I could find anything to watch which would give me pleasure comparable to what I got watching Game Of Thrones. And if you haven’t seen this […]

3 Best Tools To Compress Images Online

Compressing images is one of the basic thing most of the Internet users do every day. There are number of tools available on Internet which let you shrink images, but what if you want this to happen online. So, we have compiled a list a few tools to compress images online. These are basically the […]

How To Backup And Restore iPad 2

If you want to backup iPad 2, then you would be glad to know that its as easy as anything. So, if in case you need to backup all the apps, photos, contacts, music, videos of iPad 2, then you would find this post so very easy. Backup iPad 2 Apps, Photos, Contacts, Music, Video […]

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