How to stop spam?

Spam mail is one of the big problems everyone is facing these days. It is very difficult to stop that. So the only way to avoid it is by reporting the senders email to the mail providers. By knowing the location from where it is sent from we can easily block the mails from that […]

How to generate thumbnails to a web site

Ever wondered how to create a thumbnail for a web site. These thumbnails are very much required for some sites like and also to insert the screen shots of particular sites in your posts. So in order to upload the snapshots you have to upload the pics of every site by logging onto that […]

PC buying Tips

Now-a-days a Personal Computer ( PC ) is turning out into a necessityfor everyone. So here are some Tips for Buying the right PC. Here I am just dealing with the basic things one should keep in mind when he/she is going to buy a PC. The first thing to consider when buying a PC […]

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