How to Copy – Paste / List the Content of Folders Easily

Want to know what songs you have in your miscellaneous folder, or what .files are taking up space in your My Documents folder? Let AutoHotkey find out for you. For your information, AutoHotKey is a program which lets you generate macros which perform a specific function. Know more about this program from here : Automate […]

How to Clear or Remove Dead Recent Files in Microsoft Excel

You might require accessing certain file repeatedly, while dealing with certain projects in your everyday work. You can view a list of recent spreadsheets in the “Recent Documents” panel appearing in the “Office Button” menu list. There might be certain files which lead you to ‘Dead Links’, because you changed the file path or deleted […]

How to Record Narrations/Voiceover for Slides in PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint lets you record a narration or voiceover for slides, which can be useful if you’re not making your presentation to a live audience. The narrations for slides will make the slideshows more interesting and lively. In order to record a narration, First click the Slide Show tab in the ribbon. Click the Record […]

How to Convert RSS Feeds into PDF Documents using Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader is one of the most used PDF viewer. It also has a feed reader using which you can access and read your RSS subscriptions. A special feature which most of us don’t us is that you can use it to convert RSS feeds into PDF documents. This option is available by default […]

Simple Way to Add Computer Screenshots to MS-Word

You may want to use Microsoft Word to explain a computer related topic and need to show the reader exactly what you are talking about using computer screenshots. You may even experience a computer related problem and need to document the error message screenshot. You might even want to share something interesting that you found […]

How to Open Command Prompt In A Specified Directory or Different Location

The command prompt, when initialized,starts in the logged in users default directory which will be like C:\Documents and Settings\Username. From there, you have to navigate using DOS commands to the respective directory, if you have to run an application or work on some files. If you want to launch the command line at a different […]

How to Display Negative Time Values in MS-Excel

While calculating difference in your worksheet, you may require subtracting two time values. If you try subtracting a time elapsed earlier from a recent time, you will not be displayed with a negative value as expected.Instead, Excel displays to you a series of hash symbols (#). This generally happens because Excel, for Windows users by […]

How to Copy and Paste in Command Prompt

Most of us have, at some point or the other, tried to copy something from and into the command prompt window but the shortcuts [Ctrl] + [C] and [Ctrl] + [V] just wouldn’t work. To copy text from the command prompt, you need to First right-click on the title bar of the window and click […]

How to Change or Create Own Keyboard Shortcuts to Shortcut Icons of Different Programs

You can also assign your own keyboard shortcuts to programs you use often. We assume that there’s already a shortcut to this program in the Start Menu or on your desktop. In order to create a keyboard short cut for the shortcut icons for different programs.. Right-click on that shortcut and choose Properties. In the […]

Speed Up Your PC by Reducing High CPU Usage and Fixing Hard Drive Errors

The past few days I’ve noticed that from the time I switch on my PC, it’s extremely slow. I’ve scanned for viruses and spyware and they’ve come up with nothing. But if my computer is clean, what is it doing that is making it so slow? How do I speed it up? If you are […]

How to use Custom Text Wrapping around an Image in MS-Word

Even though Word provides you with a way to wrap text around an image, you may need to add some text over your image or leave some extra blank space near it. Word allows you to do so by altering the ‘Wrap Points’ of the image. These are small black boxes. Each of the wrap […]

How to Add Summary to your Word Document with Auto Summarize

It is always a good practice to add summary at the end of a very long document. You can save a lot of time in writing summaries by using a feature of Word 2007 called ‘AutoSummarize’.  Just specify  the length of the summary and the type of summary you would like to have for your […]

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