How To Delete Undeletable Files And Folders

How many times have you come across a file or folder and fail to delete it? I know you might have surely seen such times. So, we have come up with a trick which would let you delete undeletable files and folders. And the best part about this trick is the fact that you need […]

How To Unlock All Levels In Angry Birds

Angry Birds is undoubtedly one of the best games for smartphones and tablet PCs. And the fact that it is easy to play, makes this game a popular one. But if you still want to unlock all levels in Angry Birds, then we have an Angry Birds cheat for you. Unlock All Levels In Angry […]

How To Setup WiFi Hotspot Zone In You Home

With the increase in the number of smartphones, and tablet PCs, we can see the availability of Internet being cheap and easy. Even if we step into malls, coffee shops or restaurants, you can find WiFi hotspots offering free Internet just to attract the customers. What if you want to setup a similar WiFi hotspot […]

How To Recover Data From Corrupted Memory Card

What would you do if you plugin your memory card, or USB storage device and find that it got corrupted? Well, the first thing that would come to my mind is ‘Wish I could recover data from corrupted memory card.’ So, we would be sharing an amazing trick which actually lets you repiar corrupted USB […]

3 Best Ways To Speed Up PC Gaming

The first thing you do before buying a PC game is that you check if your computer is compatible with that particular version of the game. But still you find that some of the games get freezed while you are playing and some offer sluggish gameplay. So, bring you some easy ways to speed up […]

3 Best Ways To Get Free Dropbox Storage Space

Dropbox is the best file sharing service on Internet. This works on cloud computing and you would love it once you start using it. The fact that it does not take much of time to start using it makes Dropbox the best way to sync files, folders across any computer provided you have an Internet […]

How To Sync USB Flash Drive With Dropbox

Dropbox is an amazing cloud storage service which has totally changed the way Internet users carry their data. And if used smartly, Dropbox can prove to be one of those services which do not have any alternative. You can use it to save your files, backup your smartphones, storage means on Android, sync iTunes, backup […]

How To Remove Ads On Windows Live Messenger 2011

If you like using Windows Live Messenger 2011, then you would surely be hating the fact that you cannot remove / block ads from Windows Live Messenger 2011. Well, you might have heard of A-Patch. It is actually a small program which not removes ads but lets you close them every time you view them […]

How To Underline Text In Different Colors In MS Word 2010, 2007, 2003

Have you ever tried to underline text in different colors in MS Word 2010, 2007 and 2003. No? Then here is some help for you which would help you do so. Its not about changing the color of text all the time, because changing the colors of underlines does help. Underline Text In Different Colors […]

Tips To Increase Battery Life Of iPad 2 and iPad

One of the best features of the iPad 2 and iPad over other tablet PCs is the fact that it offers better life. But still, if you feel that it is not good enough, there are number of tips to increase battery life of iPad 2 and iPad. Tips To Increase Battery Life Of iPad […]

How To Make FeedDemon Portable

If you use desktop RSS feed readers, then you would completely agree to the fact that FeedDemon is the best desktop RSS reader available. It offers you with so many features and its speed and easy to use UI makes it more powerful. But, there is one thing which always lacked in this RSS reader […]

How To Block Ads On Youtube

Watching YouTube without ads, doesn’t that sound amazing. Those ads have become a great source of YouTube’s income so we cannot expect them to stop showing ads. But still if you want to block ads on YouTube, we have got a solution. Now, here is a YouTube player which would block YouTube ads and you […]

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