4 Best Free Automatic Spotify Playlist Generator

It is not always necessary that you need to create your own Spotify playlists. There are number of websites available on Internet which are basically automatic Spotify Playlist Generator. So based on the band or artist name you like, these services provide you with the playlists automatically. It is not always that this is the […]

10 Best Sites To Share Spotify Playlists

After doing impressive business in Europe, Spotify has hit the US market now. And no wonder, expectations are high. People have already started loved this wonderful music streaming service. And if you have started using it, then you might have already started looking for means to share your Spotify Playlists. There are number of web […]

3 Best Alternatives To Netflix

Recently, Netflix boosted up their prices and this resulted as disappointment among the current users. And the first thought that popped among those users was, “What? Higher prices? Shall we stop watching movies or what”. Since this is not going to happen in this life, how about checking our other best and cheaper alternatives to […]

3 Best Ways To Watch Copa America 2011 Live Online For Free

Copa America 2011 actually started on 1st of July and would continue till 24th July. So if you are a huge football fan and do not like missing matches, the we bring you with number of sources or rather web sites which would let you watch Copa America 2011 Live online for free. All you […]

5 Best Free iPhone / iPad Comic Reader Apps

We have already shared Android Comic Reader apps, now its time for similar apps for iOS devices. Yes, we have compiled a wonderful list of free iPhone / iPad Comic Reader apps. With gorgeous display screen, iPhone and iPad are like the perfect portable devices to read comics. This makes these free Comic Apps for […]

3 Best Virtual LAN For Online Gaming

Gone are the days when you were thrilled and enthralled by the multi player gaming on LAN. This is the cyber age where you look for further advanced ways. Here we would be talking about the best Virtual LAN for online gaming. These Virtual LAN programs would let you connect to Internet and allow you […]

3 Best Omegle Alternatives – Chat With Strangers

Omegle is one the most popular web services on Internet which let you chat with strangers. This online chat service is rated as one of the best in the business as it lets you do chat with random people with or without webcam. And its presence on platforms like iOS make it more useful. With […]

Best Ways To Chat With Strangers On Facebook

Facebook has now become more than a HUGE social network. If you want you can make use of Facebook as a random chat service. Yes, you can get to chat with strangers on Facebook. Actually, there are number of Facebook applications available which would let you do some random chat with random people on Facebook. […]

3 Best Alternatives To Facebook For Kids

Facebook is not just a social networking website, it has grown into a phenomena. And not having a Facebook account is not less than a felony. Every one of us understand the security and online safety issues linked with Facebook. So, this makes is completely unsafe for kids. So, we have come up with best […]

7 Best Ways to Store and Share Pictures Online

Photos are all about capturing your happy times and are precious possessions to the one whom they belong to. They make you laugh, cry and drag you to good old times. So, if you respect such pictures and wish to store and share pictures online with great ease. Best Ways To Store And Share Picture […]

3 Best Free Partition Managers For Windows, Mac, Linux

No matter how HUGE is the size of your hard disk, but a time would always come when you would fact the space crunch issue which would make you look for good partition software. So, here are 3 best free Partition Managers for Windows, Mac and Linux. A good Partition Manager is a package which […]

5 Best Dropbox Alternatives

No wonder, Dropbox is the best way to share files and folders online. So just like this online file sharing service, if you are looking for Dropbox alternatives which work on similar cloud based technology, then we have compiled a list for you. We have shared a lot of Dropbox stuff with you already but […]

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