9 Best Free Alternatives To Megaupload

Megaupload has shutdown and I am sure that there are number of people looking for Megaupload alternatives. There must be a pretty huge group of people looking for some respite as they have paid for their Megaupload premium accounts. And there isn’t much I can do for that bunch of people in terms of payback. […]

5 Best Alternatives To Picnik

Yes, its official now. Picnik is going off the charts from April 19, 2012. I am not sure, why Google is discontinuing its online photo editing service, and shall rather not comment on it. So, before it goes out of service, how about checking out some of the good Picnik alternatives so that you have […]

5 Best Websites For Free Tattoo Designs

You like tattoos? Oh yeah, absolutely yes. That is the reason you have stumbled on to this post. If you are baffled about the tattoo that you want to get, then this post would prove to be an useful one. I have compiled a list of few good websites for tattoo designs. Just browse around […]

5 Apps To Discover Music On Spotify

Spotify is turning out to be the new Facebook of music. Yes, with its introduction in US after the huge success in Europe, Spotify is growing exponentially each day. Whether it would be classics, latest hits, or upcoming music, Spotify is there to offer you with any sort of music that you wish. So, here […]

7 Best Free Spotify Apps

After its immense success and popularity in Europe, Spotify is growing exponentially in US. With this, more and more Spotify based services are hitting the market. Soptify apps have gone official now, as this online music service is encouraging third party developers to come up with the apps. And here we are compiling the best […]

5 Best Free Cloud Based Antivirus

Cloud computing is the latest and biggest bubble in the computer world. And soon, we would be seeing much development in the cloud computing and more & more cloud technology based products and services would hit the market. We have number of cloud based services available which are super hit and already ruling the computer […]

3 Best Ways To Backup Facebook Photos And Data

Nothing is permanent in this cyber age. And Facebook is nothing different from any of these perishable things we have been talking about. So imagine you wake up one day and find that Facebook has been discontinued, then what about all your photos, videos and other Facebook data. Yes, we are talking about easy ways […]

11 Best Firefox Extensions For Web Designers

If you are a web designer and incidentally, if you are a Firefox user then here are some amazing Firefox addons for you. These Firefox extensions would prove to be real help for every web designer. I have compiled a list of 11 best Firefox extensions for web designers which would help with their work. […]

5 Best Sites For Free Joomla Templates

Joomla is an open source Content Management System (CMS) which lets you publish content on World Wide Web with so much of ease. It includes a number of options to enjoy a productive experience. In this post I’ll let you know more about the sites for free Joomla templates. If you have been looking for […]

5 Best Ways To Watch South Park Online For Free

Yeah, I love watching cartoon shows and South Park is my favorite one. This cartoon series is strictly not recommended to any of the kids as it involves lot of explicit stuff. Whatever it may be, I just love watching South Park and I know there are million more who love it too. So, if […]

7 Best Ways To Watch NFL Live Online For Free

Summer has just passed by, and now its time to make so room in your lives for NFL as season is about to start. Technology has all the solutions of this cyber age. If you have lost your TV connection or stuck at office, then you need not worry if you want to watch NFL […]

5 Best Ways To Watch Desperate Housewives Online For Free

Are you a Desperate Housewives fan? If you are one, then you surely must be looking for ways to to watch Desperate Housewives online for free. This comedy drama TV series by Marc Cherry is currently in its 7th season. This was going to be the last season of Desperate Housewives, but it has been […]

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