Smart Ways to Search Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook involves a lot of data and loads of mails and it is hard to search for a particular item. We can simplify this search by use of some prefixes while searching. I listed all the keywords that can be used for smart searching. Here is a list of Prefixes to use Outlook 2007’s […]

25 Best and Most Useful Add-Ons for Firefox – You Should Install

Mozilla Firefox, undoubtedly the best browser is so famous for its Add-ons. Here is a list of 25 Best and Most useful Add-ons for Firefox 3.  The add-ons are small applications for the browser that will enhance the browsing experience and will also perform many useful operations. There are many add-ons available for Firefox but […]

How to Use Photoshop Shortcuts in GIMP

One of the biggest differences with Photoshop and any other image editing software for that matter is the use of keyboard shortcuts. Most advanced users will not run around searching for features in menus, they remember them by shortcuts. You can have Photoshop shortcuts set for GIMPshop by clicking on Start > All Programs > […]

2 Best Ways to use GreaseMonkey Scripts on Google Chrome

Greasemonkey is one of the important and useful add-on of Firefox which enhances internet experience. Chrome users are missing it. But not for long, here is the way to install Grease monkey script on Google Chrome. This can be used to run JavaScripts in Chrome. The procedure is as follows :   1. Through Greasemetal […]

4 Excellent Add- Ons For Internet Explorer 7

Internet Explorer is good , especially if you have the best add-ons enabled. Out of the many addons available for IE , Here are a few nifty ones: IE7 Open Last Closed Tab: This is a common problem for users of IE 7 who savour the Tabbed windows. Clicking on the X and all your […]

35 Best Ways To Watch TV Online for Free

You can watch free TV online. The future belongs to Internet TV and it is hard to pick the best site for this. Here are 35 Best Ways to Watch TV Online for Free. Pick the one you like and enjoy watching free TV online. The list comprises of sites which allows you to watch […]

Keyboard shortcuts for Google Reader

Google Reader is one of the first things I open when I switch on my computer and Not only me almost all of us will do the same. So the navigation in the reader can be done easily through some KeyBoard Shortcut Keys. When going through thousands of blog posts, news items, photos, etc. a […]

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