13 Best Free VPN Clients

We have once shared around 20 free VPN services. When it comes to VPN, I like to compile a huge lists as a VPN user do not mind using different services. And the fact that more and more good VPN services come up every now and then, the probability of stumbling on to a good […]

Cloud System Booster Pro – 20 Free License Code Giveaway

Before I go ahead with the review, I would like to tell you people that I have actually tried the free version of Cloud System Booster few months back and I have really liked it. But I could not continue using it because it was a trial back. And here I am reviewing Cloud System […]

ScreenCamera – Record And Broadcast Your Desktop – Giveaway

ScreenCamera is one of those software which you have always wanted, apparently never found it. So far, you would have either heard of programs which record your desktops, or screen sharing programs. Here is a program, ScreenCamera which is undoubtedly jaw dropping. You can surely label ScreenCamera as a package of programs serving you for […]

5 Best Free Alternatives To Quickbooks

“Reduce your expenditure and increase your revenue.” This is THE way to run a successful business. And Quickbooks is used by many of the successful small scale businesses. It is basically a business financial software meant for small scale businesses. Quickbooks is an incredible tool which lets you organize your finances, expenses, sales, and almost […]

Download Microsoft Office 2013 Consumer Preview

Some time ago we saw the launch of the Consumer Preview of the highly anticipated Windows 8, the final version was delayed until late October. Meanwhile, Windows took care of the environment more complete new operating system, and prepare the market with the introduction of the tablet, the Windows Surface. This double confirms Windows 8 […]

Best Way To Download Videos From TED In Batch

I am a huge huge fan of TED.com. Long back when I was in school, I loved checking out stuff on howstuffworks.com. It was an amazing experience every time I spent time there. Now I get the similar feeling when I spend time on TED.com. I really do not care if you agree to me […]

Free License For TurboFloorPlan 3D Pro – Giveaway

It is quite true that finding a good free 3D modelling program is not as easy as finding a video player. So, here is a giveaway of free license for TurboFloorPlan 3D Pro. It is a home & landscape design software meant for professionals. And it is designed such a way that even a non-professional […]

Win 10 Free Licenses For Bitdefender Total Security 2013 – Giveaway

Who does not like free stuff? Regardless, how many grands you earn each month, giveaways always overwhelm you. We share number of giveaways every month, and here is the giveaway of the month. We have 10 licenses for Bitdefender Total Security 2013 which we plan to giveaway. So before getting into the contest details, we […]

5 Free Antivirus For Mac OS Lion And Mac OS X

Antivirus is a must have program for every computer or laptop. Gone are the days when people believed in the myth that antivirus program is not required for Unix based operating systems. But as mentioned, it is nothing else but a myth. In this post, I would listing out the best free antivirus programs for […]

Fraqtive – Free 3D Fractal Generator

Fraqtive is an open source Mandelbrot and┬áJulia family fractal generator which runs on number of platforms. Based on algorithms which are pretty fast, this free program generates high quality results. You can customize each fractal the way you want by choosing the type of fractal, modifying it, choosing the rotation angle, zoom in the way […]

Fretlight Studio – Free Program To Learn Guitar On Mac And Windows

There are number of ways to learn guitar online. But if you are looking for a free program to learn guitar on Mac and Windows PC, then you can easily find number of tools. And it becomes quite a tricky decision to choose the best one because you do not want to end up wasting […]

2BizBox A2 – Free ERP Software For Small Business

Technology has surely become a part of everyone’s life. Whether it would be a small scale business or large scale, technology always has a part to play. And the use of technology only helps it. Unlike big names, the smaller companies cannot afford software developers to design tools. So, if you are running any business […]

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