Dig into your System Internals with Windows Inspection Tool Set

Windows doesn’t have the most efficient way of doing things. You cannot throw all the blame on Windows though, as it was designed with specific uses in mind and not for every need. However, a simple interface that gives a rundown of all the hardware and software installed on the computer would’ve been great. The […]

Create and Print Customized Graphs with Graph Paper Printer

Graph Paper Printer is an application designed to print numerous kinds of graph papers, music manuscripts and pattern papers, with user-defined sizes and colors. When you need specialized graph sheets this is the application to turn to. It would be erroneous to assume that horizontal and vertical grid line graphs are the only ones this […]

Minimize any Application to System Tray with TrayIt

Your windows taskbar gets crowded whenever you open many applications at a time. In order to avoid the congestion and confusion caused by too many applications, you can manage the running applications by keeping them or minimizing them to system tray. Tray It is a cool application that can minimize any software or application to […]

Rainlendar – A Customizable Calendar Application with Lots of Features

A cross platform calendar software, Rainlendar is chock full of all those much-needed everyday features like to-do lists, alarms, search capabilities, and printing support, apart from the expected calendar. It is an unicode application and support localization so you can use it on your own language. The software uses the official standard for calendar data […]

Block Ads in Firefox, IE, Chrome and Opera via AdSweep

Now you can block all those annoying ads on 4 different browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari. Here is a simple add-on called as AdSweep. It hides the advertisements from the web pages you visit. It is basically a java Script which defines CSS rules based on site and blocks all the […]

Miro – Free Internet TV and Multi Format Video Player

Miro is an Open Source Internet TV and video player Software. Its is free to download. This player works on 3 operating systems: Mac, Windows and also Linux. This software can search videos from various video sharing sites. It serves as an Internet TV by streaming and downloading videos online and also as a very […]

Identify Every Running Program on your Computer with Process Explorer

You can peek under the hood of Windows and know what’s running with Windows Task Manager but Processor Explorer shows you much more! This recently updated application has a knack for helping you identify every little process/application/dll/handle that is running under Windows. Process Explorer is an application made for advanced users. Unlike Windows Task Manager, […]

Gnumeric – The Free Office Spreadsheet Application

Excel is the spreadsheet program that everyone can use. From managing your monthly budgets to tracking a company’s complex financial account, it can pretty much handle everything you throw at it. However, it comes with its drawbacks. It’s a part of the Microsoft Office package, does not support a few spreadsheet formats such as OpenOffice […]

Simplify your Typing and Lessen your work with Phase Express

Be it e-mails, letters or forms, there are statements and phrases that are used repeatedly. Office programs offer auto complete features, but these are often very rudimentary. Phrase Express not only manages text components, but also corrects typing errors, and in the new version, it automatically notes sentences that are used repeatedly. Features of Phase […]

Update, Backup and Download Latest Drivers with DriverMax

There is one thing more annoying than having to re-install Windows from scratch after a virus attack or hardware failure: finding drivers that came along with the hardware! DriverMax is a free software which is used for better Driver management. It is also used to update drivers automatically. It backs up all the drivers on […]

Batch Photo or Image Resize made easy with Free Photo Resizing tool – Fotosizer

Fotosizer is a free image or photo resizing tool that will help you to manipulate your digital photos in three easy steps – load image, set options, and go! This Photo resizing freeware supports Batch Photo resizing, conversion, comes with drop down list of preset sizes, special effects of digital images like ‘Black and White’ […]

Download The Best Free Disk Defragment Utility – Smart Defrag

If you looking for a free and yet efficient disk defragmentation tool, look no further than IObit Smart Defrag. It is the best freeware software that helps defragment your hard drives more efficiently than any other product in the market. As you use your computer, the various files on the hard disk get arranged in […]

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