How to Restore Show Desktop Icon

Sometimes, we accidently delete the Show Desktop icon in the Quick Launch menu. Although many of us use keyboard shortcut [windows] + d, there are people who still use this in quick launch. You can manually recreate it by creating a file called “Show Desktop.scf”. Open Notepad, and type in the following: [Shell] Command=2 IconFile=explorer.exe,3 […]

How to Increase Internet Download Connections

Download speeds of Internet are a major concern when you are running on a low speed connection. In order to get over it, we can increase the speed of downloads with a simple registry hack. This trick involves the increase of download connections from the default value. By doing this, the number of Internet download […]

Windows Explorer Hack : Disable and Re-Enable the Menu Bar

Windows Explorer can be used to play many tricks to tease your friends. One of them is making your Menu bar vanish or Disappear and again Re-appear. Menu Bar contains all the options of the file and If it is gone it will definitely lead into confusion for the user. The trick can also used […]

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