How to Overriding File Protection and Replace System Files in Windows XP and Vista

Some system files, for instance drivers, just refuse to be replaced with better versions since Windows overwrites them automatically with the original versions again. The reason Windows overwrites new versions is because of system file protection. We need to deactivate it in a few steps. We already discussed how to bypass Windows File protection message. […]

3 Ways to Kill / Stop Hung, Non-Responding Applications or Processes Faster

Some applications or processes will not respond at times. If you’re the impatient type and can’t be troubled with the wait while Windows shuts down errant applications, there are two ways out for you to end the execution of those applications or stop the processes– either make Windows shut down hung processes automatically, or reduce […]

How To Delete/Empty Folder Contents Easily Preserving Folder Structure

Usually the system can only completely delete complicated folder structures. But you want to preserve the structure and delete only the data files in it. However, opening and clearing out every single folder can be quite a painful and time taking task. A small registry edit can do this job for you. Preferably, you should […]

How To Prevent Data Theft from the Swap File in Windows XP & Vista

The swap file might contain confidential information, but it continues to store data even after the PC has been shut down. Although this data is not easily accessible, hackers are equipped with tools like ‘Poolfinder’, which help them read this data. If your notebook which is often traveling with you is lost or stolen, the […]

Enable Multiple Simultaneous Download Sessions in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer does not allow more than two simultaneous download sessions. This is to comply with certain Internet standards that prohibit multiple file downloads at a time. This can however be changed by making changes in the registry. Make sure that you follow these steps closely and only in a manner as described below since […]

Shutdown, Restart, And Logoff Icons On The Desktop

You might want to have shortcuts on the Desktop for shutdown, hibernation, etc. This can be done by a simple process. In order to get them.. Right-click on the Desktop and make a new shortcut by selecting New > Shortcut. Then in the Type the location of the item: box, enter “shutdown.exe -s –t 00”, […]

Enable “Pin to Start menu” For Folders in Windows XP and Vista

As it stands, it is only possible to pin programs or shortcuts to the Start Menu, but no folders. We can create the option of enabling “Pin to Start Menu “ to the folders. By this we can easily access the important folders to start menu of Windows XP or Vista. To add this option, […]

Manipulating thumbs.db Files and Obtaining more Memory Space

Windows Explorer shows thumbnails for graphic files. In order to view them quickly, Windows saves the previews in the “Thumbs.db” file. These occupy quite a few megabytes of memory, which you can put to a better use.  Restrict the amount of space required by the "Thumbs.db” files by modifying the quality and size of the […]

How to Resize the Desktop Scaling to Suit the PC game

The game ends; Windows is ruined: the font in the title line is too big just as the symbols for reducing and closing the window are; and the desktop shows black squares instead of symbols. It is possible that the game has changed both the resolution and the DPI setting. This setting determines the size […]

How to Start or Stop Multiple Services at a Time

Here is a simple trick can make you start/stop multiple services at a time on demand. Not all of us are blessed with fast computers, and even if you are, you might not like too many services running in the background. If you want to run different services at a time, this tip can help […]

How to Display File Attributes In Tool Tips

If you point your mouse cursor at a file icon and wait about two seconds, Windows displays a little yellow box (a tool-tip) with some information about that file such as Author, Path, Date, etc. This way, you know what a file is about without opening it. Sometimes, you want to know what attributes (Read-only, […]

Install Programs Faster by Restarting the Explorer

Some installations and changes to system settings require you to reboot the computer. Most of the time, it is sufficient to restart only the system interface, i.e. Explorer. This process is much faster and is easy to perform. Here is a way to speed up Installing of your applications Process. Restarting Explorer ensures that the […]

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