Mouse Pointer Jumps to one End of the Screen on Clicking [ Troubleshoot ]

Recently, my mouse started acting weird. Just before I click on a logo or a link the mouse pointer jumps to the left bottom corner of my screen. I have tried keeping the mouse as still as I can but this doesn’t work. It keeps jumping out of reach on the screen and this doesn’t […]

How to use eSATA on Regular Motherboard – Slot Bracket

External hard disks which are used to store data can never be fast enough for backups and multimedia archives. These drives need faster connections as you will transfer a lot of data. Ports like USB 2.0 is annoyingly slow, and Firewire 800 is rare, expensive and also not bootable. In this situation, eSATA proves to […]

Blank CD / DVD not working with DVD Writer / Burner [Troubleshoot] – Update Firmware

You have bought some new blank DVDs and the  CD / DVD writer or burner has turned them into unreadable junk. Your DVD burner could not start at all with other blank DVDs. Generally, this happens as many DVD burners do not know what burn parameters to use with low-priced unbranded blanks and are not […]

CPU is Heating Up Quickly- CPU Fan Problem – Troubleshoot

Sometimes, your CPU gets heated up quickly, especially after launching a high end graphics game or doing any stressful operation. You may get a warning message about overheating of the heat processor. Is this a problem with the processor? Here we explain how you can troubleshoot  and get rid of your computer CPU’s over heating […]

How to Increase / Decrease the Sensitivity of the Notebook or Laptop Touchpad

You can easily increase or decrease the sensitivity of your notebook or laptop touchpad. The sensitivity of the touchpad of your notebook or laptop is the rate at which the cursor or the pointer movies on your screen. This sensitivity can be changed and adjusted according to your comfortable settings which will let you use […]

How to Configure your PC for Low Power Consumption – Enable Hibernate

Windows OS comes with excellent power management facilities that give you great control over the amount of time that your computer components should wait to enter a low power consumption mode. You can configure your PC easily using the Power Options applet in the Control Panel, where you can choose from amongst the various inbuilt […]

My Digital Camera Batteries Don’t Last Long – Draining Fast[ Troubleshoot ]

Of course, battery life varies depending on the make and model of your digital camera, but you know you have a problem when even brand-new batteries afford just a few shots. This happens as the battery power drains after taking few photos. What to do if you want to make your batteries last long? Here […]

Computer Cannot Recognize / Detect Your Digital Camera – Troubleshoot

Sometimes, your Computer’s operating system cannot detect your digital camera as a device attached to the computer. This can happen with any digicam irrespective of model or brand. If you are facing this problem, Here is a brief list of what you can do to troubleshoot when your PC does not detect your Digital Camera… […]

Troubleshooting – When Your Computer Stops Responding / Runs Slowly at Startup

Sometimes your computer may stop to respond or run slowly at start up suddenly. This happens at times for various reasons. Here is a list of possible causes for the problem along with their solutions. Make sure you analyze the problem correctly and do the necessary steps given below to bring your computer to your […]

How To Use an External Hard Disk via the eSATA Port

You’ve bought yourself an external hard disk with an eSATA connection in order to manage the quantities of data you have because of the high transfer speed. But unlike with USB, your PC detects the drive only after restarting the computer and not automatically. The eSATA protocol should be able to work with “hotplugged” drives. […]

Eliminate or Stop Fan Noise with Cooler Master Wind Rider Fan Controller

Your computer sounds like a jet plane when it first comes on. One glimpse into the system monitoring shows that the CPU and system temperature is beyond 60  degrees Celsius. The noise in a PC system is normally due to fans that are too fast and too loud. I already wrote an article on How […]

How to Clean and Maintain your SMPS – Switched Mode Power Supply

In this article I will show you how to clean and maintain your Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS ). Extend the life of your computer by ensuring your power supply unit is running cool. If your SMPS is dirty, its fan may stop rotating, resulting in overheating. Do not open the SMPS if it’s under […]

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