3 Best Free Tools To Record Google + Hangouts

I never thought that Google Plus would have any impact on social networking world specially after its Google Buzz disaster. And as a Facebook fan, I did not want to Google Plus any chance. But I was totally wrong. Google Plus got popular each day because it offered some features which were not offered by […]

How To Play Games On Google Plus – Google + Games

Google + is getting fully functional now as they are bringing up Google + Apps. And here is some help if you want to play games on Google Plus as Google has introduced some interesting games for their social network platform. Google recently added few games to its social network, Google Plus. And soon you […]

Use Twitter And Facebook On Google Plus

Twitter and Facebook have been the most popular social networks in the recent years. And Google Plus hit the 20 million users mark in just 3 weeks, which is super impressive. Obviously Google Plus offers some features which no other social network does, and these features could take the social networking to a next level. […]

How To Use HTML On Gmail – HTML Gmail Signature

If you know little bit of HTML then you truly understand that if you are allowed to use HTML on Gmail, then there is so much stuff you can do, like creating HTML Gmail signature. But what if you are not much aware of HTML? I would be giving you some useful information which will […]

PowerGDocs – Encrypt Google Docs And Compress Google Docs

Yes, Google Docs is one of the most convenient ways to store documents online. And if you have requirement like encrypt Google Docs or Compress Google Docs, then try using PowerGDocs. PowerGDocs is an open source application which is actually a desktop client to manage Google Docs. Now, when we say that it is a […]

How To Export Google +1 Links As Bookmarks

I hope you have already noticed this that Google PLUS keeps a record of all the web pages that you have marked as +1. It means that you can use this feature of Google PLUS as a bookmarks. And the best part is that you can now export Google +1 links as bookmarks. Yes, it […]

7 Best Google Chrome Extensions For Google Plus

Google Plus is making strides and its users are now interacting and everybody is in the feeling the presence of Google + in their Social Networking world.  If you are a Chrome Fan and have liked Google +, then you surely must have been looking for Google Chrome extensions for Google Plus. These extensions wont […]

Google Plus Shortcuts, Tips and Tricks

Google Plus is the latest social network in the town. Google wants to ensure that they make something bigger than Facebook and we have to agree that it includes some of the features which have never been implemented by any social network so far. And this surely give an edge to Google Plus. So if […]

4 Best Google Chrome Extensions To Find Broken Links

Have you ever been in a situation when you have felt the need of finding broken links? Ok…let me be more clear. While searching for some information on Google, there are times when I end up to number of links which are broken and do not lead me to anywhere. So here are few of […]

Google + Project – THE Social Network

Google is the biggest name on the Internet. And whenever someone tries to prove it wrong, they hit back hard. This has been happening all the time. So, make some noise for Google + Project. With Google PLUS, Google is trying to offer what no other social network has ever been able to offer. In […]

How To Create Disposable Gmail Address

Temporary email addresses a.k.a disposable email address services are gaining popularity now. But why do one require such services. Suppose that you want to subscribe to any service, but you do not want to share your primary email ID while registration, then you can use these disposable email IDs. If you have already been using […]

How To Recover Deleted Contacts On Gmail

Now wonder, you have one of your primary email IDs on Gmail. So, what if you accidently or intentionally delete any of the contacts and then wish to recover deleted contacts on Gmail. Do you think its possible? Yes, it is. There is no magic or rocket science involved in this trick. This is actually […]

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