Some Intresting Facts About Pinterest – Infographic

Here is latest buzz in the market namely Pinterest. Pinterest is an online pinboard, where you can share things you love. This online pinboard lets you share everything including videos, photos, quotes,gifts. And below are some interesting facts about Pinterest incorporated in an infographic actually designed by Mashable. Statistics suggest that people are now spending […]

Spotify And Its Comptetion – Infographics

Spotify was recognized as a huge online music service while it was serving in Europe. But the moment it hit US, it started becoming a phenomena and soon, it went on making a huge market for itself. This infographic on Spotify and its competition, will bring some interesting comparison between Spotify and other online music […]

Facebook In 2012 – Infographic

From a phenomenon, Facebook has turned into a religion. An active Facebook user always finds a way to keep accessing Facebook. With an annual income of $229 million in 2009, Facebook has grown to a $1 billion company in 2011. This is unbelievably remarkable. With over 845 million active users, one can only expect Facebook […]

Valentine’s Day Infographic – Countries And Men

Well, I should not comment on the growing commercialism and materialistic world. Below is the Infographic by on how world celebrates Valentine’s Day. This Valentine’s Day Infographic is informative which has a hint of humor too. I am sharing it because I liked it. It is more like, what men buy for valentine’s day […]

Ebooks vs Books – Which Offers A Better World? – Infographic

As the time is passing, ebooks are getting more popular than books. Now if you think of the reasons, then you would find many solid reasons, why ebooks are getting more and more popular each day. Here i an infographic, which offers you with an amazing picture of the current Books vs Ebooks scenerio. Source: […]

Nexus Contraptions – Play Game On YouTube

Yes, YouTube is a place where you watch videos online not a place where you games. But, Nexus has recently come up a YouTube Game. No wonder you understood that right, now you can play game on YouTube namely, Nexus Contraptions. I have tried this game and have to agree, that this is something that […]

Easter Egg – Play Tetris Game in UTorrent

Easter eggs are there to lighten up the mood and they do so by shocking us or making us laugh. An Easter Egg can be defined as a hidden message, joke, feature, sounds etc in a particular Movie, Book, CD, Games and Computer Programs like software. UTorrent ( Mu-Torrent ), a popular Software for Torrents […]

How to Set a Video as Wall Paper of Desktop

Now even videos can be set as a wallpaper of your desktops. This will be cool as the video will be played on the screen while you work on your desktop. This can be done by following a simple procedure using VLC media player. The steps to be followed are as follows.. 1. Install VLC […]

Change title bar of Yahoo Messenger!

Hey guys now you can change the Yahoo Messenger’s title bar which this little tweak. Note: Before trying this tricks make sure to close all instances (windows) of yahoo messenger.Just follow these steps: 1. Open you yahoo messenger installation folder ( Generally C:\Program\Files\Yahoo!\Messenger).2. Then search a file named “ymsgr”. Double click to open it. If […]

Firefox in the universe

I love Firefox and I think It is loved by the whole universe too. When I am going through my reader I came across this pic  which was posted in ENGADGET. This was spotted in variable star V838 Monocerotis of the constellation Monoceros and it looks like the Firefox logo. Cool Isn’t it?   Technorati […]

Happy New Year 2008

Wishing all the people in the world a very Happy and Prosperous New Year-2008. May this year bring you all that what you dreamt of and make you successful in what ever you do. Well, I am not a guy who believes in New Year resolution’s and all as resolutions are meant to be broken. […]

Fun with computer

Computer will be useful for many purposes but we can also do some funny things with it. These are done with the usual things which we use everyday. Try these and have fun and amaze your friends. With Notepad : Open an empty notepad file Type “Bush hid the facts” (without the quotes) Save it […]

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