Reconstruct your Deleted Bookmarks/Most Frequently visited websites Folder in Firefox

Your favorite sites are quickly accessible through your "Most frequently visited" folder on the Bookmarks toolbar.  However, you accidentally deleted or overwrote these bookmarks while backing up your computer.There is unfortunately no menu option to undelete the folder. This is because your bookmark library is actually a small database and you have to define a […]

Stop Security Checks to Speed Up Downloads in Firefox

One of the most important features that Mozilla Firefox has focused on is the security aspect of the browser. After every download that you trigger using Firefox, there is a security check that runs an anti-virus utility to ensure the security of the data on your computer . This, in some cases, causes the speed […]

Display Images at their Best Quality in Firefox using Color Management

By default, Firefox 3 doesn’t display images at their best possible quality. In fact, it reduces the quality of images so that the page loads faster with lesser CPU utilization. Loading images with the best possible quality hampers the performance of Firefox by 10-15%. However, if you are a graphic designer or if you need […]

Quickly Find the Domain Holders/ Owner of Surfed Websites

Who is the domain holder or owner of the website you just visited? This information helps you ensure that you are not giving away confidential data on a phishing website by mistake. Each Internet domain is registered along with the address of the holder with the appropriate authority. The free program ‘CallingID’ can always call […]

Download Facebook Albums to Your PC with FacePAD Firefox Add-on

Generally you download Facebook albums by downloading each photo one by one. This takes a lot of time if you want to download albums with more photos. Here is a Firefox Add-on which lets you download Facebook Albums as a whole.  It is called FacePAD, a Facebook Photo Album Downloader which will make it easy […]

Asterisk Revealer – Java Script to Reveal and Recover Your Saved Passwords

Now you can recover your saved passwords by revealing them. We don’t need any Firefox browser Add-on for this. It just needs simple Java Script. Using this browser script Asterisk Revealer, you can reveal the contents of any password whose text is displayed as asterisks or any other things like dots. The password will be […]

Screengrab – Capture Screenshots of Web Pages from your Browser

Screenshots from web pages are used for  creating Documents and presentations etc. The usual way is by pressing Print Screen and saving it using image editing software like paint. This gets complicated when you want to take a screenshot of the whole page (below the fold) . To solve your problem here is a Firefox […]

Manage Cookies of Internet Pages more Intelligently with CookieCuller

Many websites cannot be used without cookies. Therefore, to protect yourself from spyware, you have not switched off this function completely. You delete these small files at the end of every browsing session, but some required cookies get lost in this process. The browser does not make it easy to manage cookies, because all these […]

Open in RegEdit – Open Registry Keys Directly from the Browser

The Internet has an abundance of tips. Some however require you to edit the Registry. We have a category dedicated to Registry Edits and Hacks. It is a strenuous job to do editing job with the Windows Registry Editor. For instance, it is not possible to copy a key name from a website and directly […]

Social Media for Firefox – Know Popularity of Bookmarked Content

Social Media for Firefox is one cool add-on which gives the number of Diggs, Reddit Votes, Stumble Thumbs and or Reviews, tags, twitter Tweets, Sphinns, Mixx, and Tip’d votes so you can quickly see how popular certain content is. The add-on also shows the content which is not submitted to social bookmarking site so […]

Start / Launch any Programs or Applications from the Firefox Browser

To start other applications, you have to go to the desktop or navigate through the Start menu. You want to be able to start important programs or applications while you are surfing in Firefox which is always open, but you don’t know how. There are various ways one can start applications, for example, through the […]

Migrate / Transfer Website Images To Image Hosting Websites with Transloader

Transloader is a cool Firefox add-on which will let you transfer the website images you want to Image Hosting websites like Imageshack, Phyrefile. This could be helpful to create backup or mirror copies of selected website’s images but also to display the images that were uploaded to image hosting websites on other websites to prevent […]

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