Snipshot – Free Online Image Editor – Edit Pictures from WebPages

Snipshot is a free application to edit your images online. It is used to do small corrections in pictures like  Resize, Crop, Rotate, Enhancement with an option to undo the changes.  This free online image editor comes as a browser addon or a simple bookmarklet code. It will be used to edit images from any […]

Monitor & Manage Downloads in Firefox with Download Statusbar

When you start downloading a file in Firefox, a dialog box appears on your screen. This dialog box shows you the progress of the file download. It can accommodate more than one download and completed downloads can be cleared off. However, this causes additional system resources to be used up (since another Firefox window needs […]

How to Open Multiple Homepages in Firefox

Firefox supports tabs that are used to open multiple pages within a single browser window. You can also have the option here to open multiple home pages on individual tabs at once just the way Internet Explorer 7 does it. When Firefox starts up, only one tab is opened and each time you want to […]

How to Restrict or Lengthen Number of Suggestions of Smart Location [ Auto Complete ] Bar

Smart Location bar is one of the good features of Firefox, which predicts where you want to go as you type. But it displays too few or too many suggestions. The smart location bar gives suggestions as you type in the name of the website or URL. For some, the number of suggestions might be […]

Open, Copy or Bookmark Multiple Links at the Same Time – Firefox Multi Links

Multi Links is a useful Firefox add-on which lets you work with multiple links. Using this extension, you can open, copy or bookmark multiple links at the same time. This comes handy when you want to work with more number of links at a time. It enhances and simplifies your browsing experience and you can […]

Firefox Caret Browsing – Select Text from Webpage using Keyboard

There may be situations when we may need to select text from a webpage in Firefox browser but it’s tedious to keep reaching for the mouse. So here’s how to select text from a web page without taking your hands off the keyboard. This can be done by using only the keyboard and is called […]

Organize, Classify and Store Firefox Bookmarks by Creating Bookmark Folders

Organizing Firefox bookmarks is a big pain especially if you have a lot of bookmarks. Instead of using special add-ons or software, you can easily maintain them using Bookmark Folders.  It is easy to classify and store your bookmarks in folders so that it is easier to find them. The bookmarks will appear in a […]

Fox Tab – Firefox Browser Tabs in 3D Thumbnail View Layout

Fox Tab is a Firefox add-on which will create a 3D thumbnail view layout of your opened tabs. Using this you can easily browse between opened tabs. It displays all the opened and running windows into a beautiful layout which includes the thumbnail view of those windows. It is one of the best ways to […]

Check / Test Working Condition of Installed Firefox Plug-ins or Add-Ons

Sometimes installed extensions may not work properly and this may open security vulnerabilities in our browser. Here is a way to test or check the working of Firefox Extensions, plug-ins or Add-ons.Firefox can be upgraded using extensions and plug-ins that help us meet most of our requirements. You would definitely like to get an overview […]

How to Add RSS Feed Readers to Firefox

Mozilla Firefox by default supports only three Web feed readers: Bloglines, Yahoo! and Google Reader. You can, however, add as many providers as you like, and use any of them as your subscription manager. For this, you’ll need to do a couple of about:config tweaks, and add some preferences. Here is the way to add […]

4 Possible Ways to Enhance Speed of Firefox

Firefox is my favorite browser. But It may be slow at times. We previously discussed about ways to Make Firefox faster and 10 add-ons to optimize Firefox performance. Now, here are 4 tweaks which will enhance speed of Firefox. In order to make these changes, open your Firefox Browser and type " about:config ” in […]

Taboo – Restore Closed Tabs and Saved Sessions of Firefox

Closing the Firefox browser window closes the tabs, and they do not re-open the next time you start Firefox. So do you find yourself bookmarking pages only so you can browse to them again the next day? If you do, you need Taboo. This Firefox extension restores the browser to exactly where you last left […]

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