7 Best Websites To Learn Python Programming

Python has proved to be one of most popular and powerful programming language of the recent times. And I know that a big number of programmers are already into Python. And good programmers are competent enough to learn new programming languages on their own. If you have been looking for good resources to learn Python […]

5 Great Open Source or Free Alternatives to Photoshop

The Adobe Photoshop program is without a doubt one of the best image editing and manipulation software programs out there. It comes with a wide selection of features and a user-friendly interface suitable for the needs of an amateur and a hardened professional. The biggest problem surrounding the Adobe Photoshop line is the steep prices, […]

Create Popup For Coupon Badges For Free

Discount, sale or coupons are one of those words which attract the attention of a normal human. Popify.me is a free web service which lets you create popup for coupon badges for free. There is no better way than popups to make your readers aware of interesting offers that you throw. This web service lets […]

What is HTML5 – Overview of HTML5 Features

The web has evolved a lot in the past decade. Streaming audio and video has become extremely popular, the web has become dynamic and interactive, and the focus has become more individual. To simplify the process of creating modern web services, the W3C(World Wide Web) Consortium and the WHATWG( Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group) […]

How To Create Your Own WordPress Themes For Free | Free WordPress Themes Creator |

There are millions of free WordPress themes available on web. But if you still want to create your own WordPress themes for free, then here is an amazing WordPress Themes Creator. As a blogger I know that there are simple things that you wish to customize, this leads you to look for good WordPress Themes […]

How to Find & Display IP Address of your Website / Blog Visitors

As an owner of a web site or blog, you are always concerned about the security constraints. In this while, you must have thought that tracking the IP addresses of your blog or web site visitors, would solve your problem to a great extent. So, modern day bloggers and web site owners are very much […]

How to Convert Colored Photos to Analog Style Black and White Pictures in Photoshop

It is very easy to convert colored photos to black and white ones with the channel mixer or the Gradient Map in Adobe’s image editing program, Photoshop. However, they somehow look too digital. You can lend your photos an analog feel by adding a Noise Filter. This analog style will give your photos a special […]

How To Create Your Own Vector Image Design using Inkscape [ Adobe Illustrator Alternative ]

We’re going to learn how to create your own vector image design using an alternative to Adobe Illustrator like Inkscape which is free. You can download it from this link. Vector imaging is synonymous with Adobe Illustrator. Unlike regular, glossy images like those in the JPEG format, vector images have the advantage that they preserve […]

Create WordPress Themes / Websites – Convert Photoshop ( PSD ) to HTML with Divine

Divine is a wonderful tool used to create wordpress themes or websites using Photoshop (PSD) design files. This free application will be used to create HTML + CSS code from PSD files.  This makes life easier for designers and you can convert PSD to HTML code in simple steps. It can be downloaded and used […]

Download Different Types of Free Cursors & Glitters at Totally Free Cursors

TotallyFreeCursors.com is a free library of cursors. The site offers you to download free cursors  of various types which can be used on your computer. The site allows you to browse through various types of cursors and lets you pick the ones you need. You can also get code and embed them on your profiles […]

How to Control the Line Break in the HTML code Sensibly

The line breaks for flowing texts on the homepage depend on the browser and the selected window size and font size. Occasionally, minus signs or value units get deleted or long terms get separated incorrectly. Here’s a way to ensure that the text remains orthographically correct and legible in all cases. Since each unique user […]

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