How To Enable Firewall On Mac | Configure Firewall On Mac

Its no longer a myth that a Mac machine cannot be affected by virus, spam, malware or any kind of unwanted things. And as the elders have said, its better to be secured than to fix, and no wonder its completely true. But yes, Mac is relatively better than Windows in terms of security (and its my […]

How To Run Android Apps On Mac

You definitely think that there is a need to run Android apps on Mac, and this is the reason you have ended on to this post. Few months back, I did share a couple of ways to run Android apps on Mac. And this compilation can be labelled as an extension to that list. Previously, I shared a […]

Top 5 Free Alfred Extensions – Must Have Alfred Powerpack

I have been exploring a lot on Alfred lately. And all these Alfred related articles are aftermath of that. I have shared some must know Alfred tips and tricks, and in this post I would sharing some of the must have Alfred extensions to unleash it. I have tried to diversify the whole list so […]

Basic Must Know Alfred Tips And Tricks On Mac OS

Alfred Hat is one of the best apps that I have ever come across my entire life. And once you start using at full fledge, I am pretty sure that you will have the same opinion. Alfred Hat is not just an alternative to Spotlight, infact its more powerful than that. Here are some of […]

Best Free Alternative To Finder For Mac OS X

I am pretty sure of the fact that 5 of 10 Mac users do not like using the Finder. There could N number of reasons behind their preference like, its not really user friendly and gives you this feeling that it won’t listen to you. And no wonder that you expect something better than that […]

How To Convert Vine Videos To GIF On Mac

Its pretty obvious that you have heard about Vine, and that is the reason you have ended onto this post. To start with, Vine is a pretty new Twitter based service which has been launched recently. And it is used to post videos. I mean, it lets you share any video which is less than […]

Top Interior Designing Programs For Mac

They say that Mac is meant for artistic people. I am not sure if that can be labelled as a concrete truth, but yes, Mac is popular among  musicians, photographers, movie makers, designers. We have listed some of the best apps for fashion design software for Mac recently, and in this post we would be […]

How To Add Another Email Account On FaceTime

Generally, when you launch the FaceTime for the first time on your Mac, it would ask for the Apple ID if you are not running on one. Once you do that, it would start working. And on your iPhone or iPad, it would straight away start using the Apple ID that has been configured to […]

7 Must Have Free Mac Apps For Photographers

There was time when Mac was considered to be a machine built for artists. And I know that this one of those things which still stand true, but partially. Considering this fact that some of the photographers are using Mac, I would like to list out few must have Mac apps for Photographers. These photography […]

How To Record Screen On iPhone or iPad

Being an open source community supporter, I just hate to mention the fact that there isn’t a free way to record screen on your iPhone or iPad. And yes, its not free even if you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad. So, if you still need to know about the ways to record screen, then […]

Best Ways To Defragment Mac – Defragmenters For Mac

There are number of ways to defragment Mac, some are free and some are paid. As usual, I would promote only the free ways. In addition to the normal way of Mac defragmentation, I would also be sharing few apps which would get this task done for you. Why would you want to defragment your […]

123D Design – Create 3D Models On Mac

Here is a brand new app in the Mac App Store from the house of AutoCAD makers and its christened as 123D Design. And as the name suggest, this program is meant for creating 3D models and designs. Although its a free app, but it is capable enough to create some high quality designs. The […]

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