How to update your blog automatically with bookmarks

For all you bloggers who are lazy (like me!!) to update blog everyday here is a great trick to make you bookmarks to be posted automatically as your posts in your wordpress blogs and to make your blog look updated. In order to make this happen you have to do the following steps.

* Sign up or Login to your account.

* Start bookmarking and tagging favorite web pages. I recommend using the “post to” bookmarklet on this page by dragging that bookmarklet directly onto your bookmark toolbar. The “post to” button allows you to post your current page to, and allows you to enter tags and a brief description of the link.

* On the right side of, under Experimental, click on the link that says “daily blog posting”

* Click “add a new thingy” and some form appears.

* Enter the following into the form, and enter your relevant details in the [boxes]
job_name : WordPress Daily Post (or any title you want)
out_name : [Your WordPress Username]
out_pass : [Your WordPress Password]
out_url : http://[ Your Blog URL]/xmlrpc.php
out_time : 4 (the GMT that you want the post to happen. 0 = 8pm EST)
out_blog_id : blank (not applicable to WordPress I presume)
out_cat_id : 15 (Regardless, it’ll probably post to the default WordPress category)
* Hit “Submit Query” and you’re done!

I think this will be useful to a lot of bloggers and do tell me if you have any more ways to post blogs automatically.

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November 2, 2007 by: Prasanth Chandra


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