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Setting up your own website may involve some money. There are many plans on the internet to create your own website or weblog which range right from $5. But what about guys who dont have any money but have the desire to set up their own blog or site.

Here are some sites which will make the dream of own domain possible. These sites come up with an extension of or etc.

Just log into or and then register the domain you want. This will get you a domain and all you want now is a hosting package which will host your site and it should be free.

There are many sites which will provide hosting free of cost. One of that sites is . It has 3 types of plans which will vary in the specifications in configurations and also the free hosting consists of ads which means that the ads will be displayed by the hosting service. It will provide a hosting service with c-panel with many features along with it.

Here is a post which will help you out to design a web 2.0 site

Design a web 2.0 site

I will be posting about this in detail later. So in the mean while just go get a site for yourself and enjoy blogging.

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December 12, 2007 by: Prasanth Chandra


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