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Writing of good posts most of the time depends on the inspiration or ideas we get at the very moment, but a lack of internet access can leave ideas in the dust.Then you have to work offline. Generally we will open up Text editors to do the write-up. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could open up your blog editor and do whatever you want while you are offline?

So, As always Google came up with an idea. As it is already having a blogging platform called Blogger , Google tied together Blogger and the newly released Blogger GData JavaScript library to create an offline Blog editor, Blog.gears.

The architecture behind the editor follows the pattern of:
The UI looks to the local DB for data

  • When an event happens it gets queued
  • When an event happens the UI tries to send it to the cloud
  • Events have status flags to let the system know what is happening

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Web application Blog.gears uses Google Gears to synchronize with a Blogger account to bridge that gap. Blog.gears allows Blogger users to create new posts and edit older ones and synchronizes the data upon connection. The offline editor doesn’t offer any of the rich text features as the online site, but it could work great for ideas you don’t want to forget about later. Blog.gears requires a free Blogger account and Google Gears, and runs wherever Internet Explorer or Firefox do.

So here onwards you need not worry about the access to internet. Just go on writing your posts and enjoy blogging offline.

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October 22, 2007 by: Prasanth Chandra


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